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[Muju Ski Resort] - Haejangguk 'Hangover' Soup

To hunt for dinner, we'd to go back to Carnival Street because majority of restaurants, cafes and shops are located there.

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반딧불 공마을
Restaurant specialized in tofu cuisine.

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Menu banner outside the restaurant wall looks so yummy~!

It seemed that spicy hot soup is the best choice to keep our body warm. So, without further delay, we went in and quickly order the food.

My husband ordered Soft Tofu Stew again, and Pork Ribs Haejangguk for me after asked and confirmed that it's pork instead of beef.

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Soft Tofu Stew (우리콩 순두부찌개) - 10,000 Won

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Pork Ribs Haejangguk (등뼈 해장국) - 10,000Won
엄마가 해주시던 등뼈해장국이 생각나는 날

Haejangguk is a famous food in Korea. It's  a traditional cure for hangover after a night of heavy drinking, therefore it's known as 'Hangover soup'.

There are various types of haejangguk according to region based on ingredients and recipe that give each variety its own characteristic taste. 

The haejangguk broth was quite  flavourful to my taste buds with acceptable spiciness and sweetness. Pretty unique and appetizing... my first time had this kind of taste.

It's so yummy that I wanted to ask them how to cook it, but maybe even if they're willing to teach me, I won't really understand. But, I do understand why they stated "엄마가 해주시던 등뼈해장국이 생각나는 날" on the banner after I tasted it. Do try it if you're dining there.

I literally wiped out the whole bowl until the last drop of the broth, though most of the ribs ended in my hubby's tummy.

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Both of us happy and satisfied with delicious taste of the soup! 
Slurp~ nom nom nom~~!!!

The meal served with 6 types of banchan and rice. They also provide self-serving coffee, they asked us to get from coffee machine when we're paying for the food. We just skipped it as my husband didn't want them to wait for us any longer since we're the only customers in the restaurant.

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 It's low season in Muju Ski Resort, therefore most of the restaurants were empty. 

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The interior is decorated with pots of green herbs, bouquet of flower...

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and Korean traditional straw sandal?!!
 kinda weird to see they hang and put Jipsin (짚신) as decoration. 

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Outside the restaurant facing Carnival Street.

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 반딧불 콩마을   
Firefly Bean Village
Add: 전북 무주군 설천면 심곡리 1209-22 
(Carnival Street - Muju Ski Resort, Korea)  

Trazy's Survival Tips for Travellers to Korea #3: Getting around Incheon

Welcome to Incheon! The 3rd largest city in South Korea.

This latest edition of Trazy‘s Survival Tips will help you during your stay Incheon, providing valuable information as to how you can travel around. The guide will explain how to arrive to Incheon and the public transportation system of Incheon.
From the Airport to Incheon: Take the Arex train lines to Gyeyang and then take the Incheon Subway to your destination. You can also take a limousine bus out of exit 9A or 9B of the airport to Incheon for about 10,000 won.
Major cities and town to Incheon: If you’re coming to Incheon from another city, use the Express Bus website to help you plan your trip
d30302_01 d30302_04 d30302_02 d30302_03      All Credit for pictures to Visit hikorea.go.kr
The bus system is identical to that of Seoul’s. Refer to our Seoul post for more information.
For information on all the  Incheon intercity bus routes visit here ( Korean only). Another way to find out about the bus routes is to find the bus station ID number and use the Seoul Bus app and it will tell you the time of arrival and the stations it visits.
Incheon has its own metro (Incheon  Line) but follows the same format as Seoul’s metro line. Click here for information regarding taking the metro . The major Incheon subway lines are: Line 1, Line 7 and the new Suin line. Line Transfer stations to the Seoul Metro system are located at stations with the  symbol.
캡처Credit to photo goes to urbanrail.net
For more information concerning the Subway system in Incheon and Seoul visit the Seoul metro site and use the interactive map to plan your trip.
Taxis in Incheon follow the same price structure as the taxis in Seoul. Click here to see the post on taxis in Seoul.
For a list of Taxi companies in Incheon please check this link.
Tip: If a taxi refuses to take you (its against the law to do so) please report the license plate numbertime and date of use, and the destination details (i.e. starting and ending destination) to happyride@seoul.go.kr or the Korea Tourism Organization Tourist Complaint Center (☎ 02-735-0101, 02-1330)
With all the luck. Happy Travels! :)

(This post is authorized reblog from Trazy).