Monday, 29 February 2016

Visit Korea Special VIP Tour [Day 4-4]

This should be the last posting for VIP Invitation Tour. Really sorry for taking up to three months to complete blogging it.

Kim eonni was panicking searching for us when we reached IFC Mall from KBS Exhibition Hall. We're late half and hour late as miscommunication on the timing. Therefore we immediately hop to the bus and go to the Incheon airport.

Jas eonni, Tere and few other members proceed to check-in counters as their flights were earlier. Lucky, Naz and me were waiting at Lotteria. Kim eonni ordered food for us first while waiting for Jas eonni and Tere to join us.

Lunch at Lotteria Incheon Airport |
 Lunch for our team as we didn't eat at IFC Mall.

Lunch at Lotteria Incheon Airport |
My Mozzarella Cheese Burger.

VIP Invitation Tour members at Incheon Airport |
 Where were Kim eonni and Jas eonni?!

Shopping at AK Plaza Duty Free Shop. Actually, I only bought
moisturizing cream to prevent cracking skin in winter, the rest
were for my sister's friend.

Shopping at AK Plaza Duty Free Shop Incheon Airport | 
Self tax refund counter with helpful and nice volunteer staff.

Please note that it's relocated to Gate 24 and 41 instead of Gate 27. Please check this link for more information on the procedures on immediate tax refund when purchasing goods at tax free shop or claiming back tax refund at other locations.

Self Tax Refund machine with language selections
which is super user friendly and easy to use.

Korea Traditional  Cultural Experience Center for free activities Incheon Airport | 
After claimed our tax refund, we headed to Korea Traditional
Cultural Experience Center for free activities to kill time.

Incheon Airport | 
You can buy Korean Traditional souvenirs here.

We'd to register for Dancheong wooden keychain painting, as you can see there were a lot of people also interested in this activity, we're put in the waiting list...

Korea Traditional  Cultural Experience Center Incheon Airport | 
Signed guest book with calligraphy pen.
 I love Korea very much (한국 많이 사랑해요)~!

Hanbok Experience at Incheon Airport | 
Too bad that Hanbok Experience only available for those 
boarding Gate number above 100, where you can go there 
however there will be no way to return here.

Incheon Airport |
Traditional Dancheong Painting with 5 basic colors (Obangsaek)
of blue, red, yellow, black and white.

Besides functioning as decoration and protection against wind, rain and harmful insects. It also has symbolic of preventing fire and defeating evil spirits.

Royal Family Procession at Incheon Airport | 
Heard the announcement that Royal Family Procession was going to start,
so I quickly painting the dancheong and ran out for the procession.
Crown Prince and Princess at Incheon Airport | 
Crown Prince and Princess. 

Last time they didn't have photo session with the royal family, but now you're allowed to take photos with them. Of course I didn't want to miss this chance... I wish I'm in hanbok too.

King and Queen at Incheon Airport | 
 King and Queen.

Princess at Incheon Airport | 

Korea Traditional  Cultural Experience Center Incheon Airport |
 With Royal guards, lady in waiting,... 

No wonder Incheon Airport has been voted as the best airport in the world. You don't need to worry that you'll get bored with so much activities and they're free of charge. 

After bidding good bye to Lucky and Naz, we went separately to the boarding gate. That's ended our unforgettable and memorable VIP Invitation Tour.

Incheon Airport |
On the flight back to Singapore with Korean Air.

This trip was made possible by VisitKorea organised by Korea  Tourism Organization. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Visit Korea Special VIP Tour [Day 4-3]

We didn't have time to explore the whole Yeouido Park, just a quick hopping from IFC Mall to KBS.

KBS On Exhibition Hall | 
C-47, the first transport aircraft owned by Korean Air Force
showcasing on the runway in Yeouido and an exhibition titled 
“Flight Over 70 Years at Yeouido Park."

KBS On Exhibition Hall | 
Finally we saw KBS building after crossing the road from Yeouido Park.

KBS On Exhibition Hall | 
Bald trees and beautiful autumn foliage. 
It'll be better if we're there during Cherry Blossom.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
Poster of K-drama "Oh My Venus (오마이 비너스)
starring So Jisub and Shin Mina.

KBS On Exhibition Hall | 
Checked how to go to KBS Exhibition Hall with the guard 
inside this main building.  

Apparently we'd to go outside and walk further to another building...

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
 Korean Broadcasting System (한국방송공사)
truck with production rooms?

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
KBS On Exhibition Hall (KBS 온 / 견학홀).

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
 It's the first museum in Korea dedicated to the history and
evolution of the Korean broadcasting industry.
KBS On Exhibition Hall |  KBS On Exhibition Hall |
The exhibition hall is a space where visitors can experience
radio and television broadcasting production firsthand.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
We're supposed to go to the hall on the second floor.

However, we'd to rush back and gather with others at IFC Mall, so no time to tour the museum, radio drama studio, sound effect instruments, 9 o'clock news corner, hologram corner, 3D movie experience hall and chroma key corner, visitors have the chance to observe the TV production process and radio programming process through a window that looks out into the broadcasting studio.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
 Familiar with this place?

Yes, you're right! K-drama 'The Producers (프로듀사)' and variety show '2 Days 1 Night (1박2일)' were filming in front of this KBS Building.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
At least some pictures since we're not going inside KBS On.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
 Well, we're not the only one snapping so many photos.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
One of the man gave me a white folder Sorinalda (소리날다),
maybe they're recruiting news presenter or anchor there.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |  KBS On Exhibition Hall |
  KBS Radio.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
Though I didn't finish 'The Producer', but there were
few scenes of the drama were shooting at KBS car park.

KBS On Exhibition Hall |
Add: 13, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.
Operating Hours: 09:30-17:30 (Last admission: 17:00).
Closed: New Year’s Day, Seollal, Chuseok and
 first Monday of every month.
Admission: Free.

This trip was made possible by VisitKorea organised by Korea  Tourism Organization.