Saturday, 25 May 2013

Makgeolli (Drunken Rice)

Recently the weather is really crazy ... scorching hot~~~!!!
Temperature is around 34 Celcius, but feels like 37 Celcius. Yap, it's so hot and humid... But, you can save your money, as you don't need to go to sauna and you must be very lazy and scared to step out from your house.
I'm afraid of cold rather than hot... hardly sweat as I have cold hands and feet... But it's terribly hot that I sweat a lot these few weeks...
See?!! just came of from shower and I'm sweating again. Pity my fan and air-conditioner as they need to work harder as I need to on them for longer period... 
Is it because of global warming?
I don't have habit to drink cold water (therefore there's no cold water in my fridge) and I don't really like gassy drinks too (only drink once a while if there's no other drinks available when I dine out).
Am I like old grannie? I prefer to drink tea, bubble tea, flower or fruit tea, corn tea, barley tea... Oh yeah... I don't drink coffee too.

Was searching something cold in my fridge... I've 2 tubes of ice cream, 1/5 bottle of soju and 1/2 bottle of makgeolli, 1/4 bottle of Bokbunjaju Wine (명작 복분자) and 2 bottles of ginseng drink that I received from KTO. I think this Ginseng drink company was promoting this ginseng drink. As after I attended cooking class, they asked us to help on the survey... something about ginseng and this ginseng company... after that we received this bottle of ginseng.

taadaa... which one should I drink?

Today's pick is Makgeolli (Drunken Rice). No worry, the alcohol concentration is around 5~6% only... won't make you drunk. In fact, it's good for health and help on diet...

According to the recent report, There are lots of anti-carcinogenic substances in the makgeolli.  There are generally 106-108 lactic-acid bacteria in 1㎖ of makgeolli. A bottle of makgeolli has 70-80 billion lactic-acid bacteria when a bottle contains around 700-800㎖ makgeolli. This is an amazing figure, equivalent to the number of lactic-acid bacteria in 100-120 bottle of 65㎖ yoghourt (around 107 per a bottle). Lactic-acid bacteria are known to destroy harmful germs and bacteria that cause inflammation or cancer in the intestine, and to strengthen the immune system. (source: Story of Korea).

Anyway, I really have to finish this 1/2 bottle as it's been opened for one month... I had soju, makgeolli and  Bokbunjaju (복분자주) party with my best friends...

건배!!! (geonbae = cheers)

People usually use bowl to drink makgeolli, not this soju shot glass. Yeah, but my friends wanted to try the taste first...

No Pajeon for side dish?! No problem... Just have it our way... our style with Rojak ㅋㅋㅋ

it's fun to drink with your friends

Hahaha... I like this photo so much. We really enjoyed ourselves... poured our heart out. Aiishhh, but tonight nobody will accompany me to drink ㅜㅜ

Ah, it's 11:20pm... no wonder I'm so sleepy now...(btw, I just drank about 1 tea cup of makgeolli).

Gonna make Radish Water Kimchi (동치미) tomorrow. Had cut the radish this afternoon, salted them and now sitting in my fridge...

 Ok... see yah tomorrow~^^