Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Where? Where are you?

Annyeong, are you looking for me?
I know your answer is... NO! ㅠㅠ (hiks hiks so sad ya). I's alright... just wanna update you even you don't want to know it ㅎㅎㅎ
I was hiding myself and cried a bucket full of tears on the day they announce the winners of Psy's Wiki Korea! No worry, I feel better now. Yeah, just that I'm not that lucky person. I believe everyone participated wish to win and put a lot of effort on it. Congrats to all the winners!!!
Here are few of events that I'm participating currently:
Find The Hidden Treasures of Korea! - KTO
This one quite challenging and a bit tricky.
I know I won't get the first prize, but my score still inside top 60 ^^
It's fun as I might get some useful information for my trip while hunting for the treasure boxes.
One stone kill two birds!!!

Chance to win one of these Samsung cameras - KTO

Hot Summer & Hot Event - iBuzzKorea
Last week was busy ordering for my customers. I bought shawl and winter jackets for our trip to Korea in Sep. I know you must be asking why I need winter coat? Yes, it's Autumn... sorry for being kiasu, but I'm really afraid of cold and we will sure need them for our trip in Feb 2014 ^^
And I keep changing my mind on the itinerary, and my excel sheets are in total mess!!! It's really hard to decide as Korea has so many many many places that I would not want to take out from the list. But, one week is definitely not enough especially travelling with my 2 kiddos.
To cater to their interest and to make sure they don't complaint too much on travelling time... we won't hop here and there. So, mainly will be in Seoul and Gangwon-do (Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok).
From KTO's website, I found Korea’s Most Unique Accommodations and I really wish to stay in Hanok (Korean Traditional House). I want them to experience Past and Present Korea. This 300 years Seongyojang House (강릉 선교장) will be my ideal choice. And another night will be Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht (썬크루즈). Wait, but how to make reservation?
I messaged BnBHero, as I want to make reservation for one night homestay in Seoul. At the same time, I asked whether they provide service to book Seongyojang Hanok House. They offered to help me although it's not under BnBHero. They even told me that they can contact Sun Cruise when I told them that I need to confirm the date, as they still not yet open for September booking.
They updated me early this morning on these 3 accommodation:
1. Seongyojang - they allow to pay on the spot when check-in (for foreigner).
2. Sun Cruise - waiting for reply
3. Homestay - they personally emailed to the host,  though BnBHero is a peer-to-peer system,  which
    I have to talk to contact the owner directly. Yes, I did email to the host too, but still waiting for her
    reply too. They told me that I selected very nice place, as it is a big house near  Gangnam area, and
    it is usually rent for group, workshop or team. So, they're not sure whether the  host will accept my
    request or not. I just hope that she'll let us stay in her lovely house ^^
Just want to thank BnBHero for their wonderful, reliable and extra mile service. Two thumbs up!!! Why not browse their website now... they have a lot of choices of accommodation. BnBHero Facebook fans can enjoy 50% discount of booking fee. So book it before 31 July 2013 (regardless of actual travelling date).

Exclusive for BnBHero Facebook Fans!!!

Appreciate much if you can message me the location of this buffet restaurant in Seoul if you happen to know or went there before. Is it recommended? Or do you have recommendation of nice buffet in Seoul?

Alright, I will try to post Just Jeju (Part V) by next week, as I'm expecting shipment to be in in these few days. Please wait for a while yah~
Thank you ^^