Thursday, 22 March 2018

Children's Grand Park (서울 어린이대공원)

Thinking to bring kids for snow sledding since we had nothing to do, so we went to Seoul Children's Grand Park.

We took subway to Children's Grand Park Station (Line 7).

 Children's Grand Park.

Free admission :)

This site was originally the royal tomb for Myeong Seong Hwang Hu, who was the Queen of the last King, Sunjong, of the Greater Korean Empire. In 1926, the tomb was moved to Yangju-gun (currently Namyangju City) in Gyeongi Province when King Sunjong died. 

In 1970, by order of President Park Chung-hee, construction of the park started and converted it became leisure facility for families with amusement facilities, and diverse performance events and attractions that appeal to youngsters.

 Opened on 5 May 1973 (Children’s Day).

Attractions and facilities include Children Museum, Art Hall,
amusement park,  zoo, garden, camp experience site, and more.
 Omo... cute bus Tago parking near the entrance.

But kids were more excited when they spotted something moving in the bushes...

Ah ha... it's this little fluffy bunny!

Anistory Animal Show Theater

Peter Pan performance for that day.

We didn't watch the performance because of the timing.

 Went to the zoo and saw someone feeding deer.

 Kiddos said that these deer looked so hungry and their eyes are begging for food...

We found vending machine selling animal foods.

 They're happier to see the food than those deer...
Busy feeding and talking to them like their friends.

Animal lovers.
Others are waiting to be fed too.

  Mouflon Ovis Aries Musimon.

 Guanaco Lama Glama Guanicoe.

Lama drama...

Let's check out others animals...

Suddenly interested to capture photos... and therefore I've thousand photos!

But we didn't have food for monkeys...

So, kiddos just hopped to feed bouncy bunnies.

 Ferocious Animal Village...

 but we didn't see any lion, tiger or elephant there.

Tropical Animal House.

Marine animal house.

Aquatic Bird House.

There are many types of birds, swan, mandarin ducks,...
 including grey heron and great egret (White heron).
Is this white heron visiting Son Oh Gong (K-drama "Hwayugi") at Sooyangdong?

Palgakdang Pavilion (팔각당)

 Previously, this Palgakdang (an octagonal pavilion) was a temple.

It's remodel and it's turned to Design Seoul Gallery 
featuring a Korean cartoon character exhibition hall.

Amusement Park.

There are many different rides and roller coaster.

But it's not operating :(

Train Exhibition outside the amusement park. 

To be frank, we're quite disappointed, because we couldn't find the 
sledding park. Then amusement park was not operating and
the zoo was half empty...

I wonder how... I wonder why? Maybe it's winter?!

However, this park is really huge and I guess it's nice place for strolling...

In autumn, changing colors of ginkgo trees can be viewed from 
the back gate of Seoul Children's Grand Park to Palgakdang.

This park will be lovely when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Spring Flower Festival will take place here during April. Besides cherries, you can admire beautiful landscape dressing with royal azaleas and satukis from April to May.

It's cold in the evening, kids hugging and holding hands after 
sharing left-over haemulpajeon from Gwangjang market
while walking to the subway station.