Monday, 25 September 2017

Korea Sale Festa

Do you sense something spectacular coming soon?!! 2017 Korea Sale FESTA will be held for 34 days from 28 Sep to 31 Oct 2017.

F(estival) E(ntertainment) S(hopping) T(our) A(ttraction)~!

It's a not to miss if you're heading to Korea around this time, because a lot of companies including  shopping, airlines, accommodations, transportations, attractions, and also food & beverages giving great discounted price and other benefits to tourists.

 Here are 20 companies selected as Top 20 of Korea Sale Festa 
with their awesome promotions and discount for foreign tourists.

 Korean Wave Cultural Festival.

There will be various cultural events, festivals and performances in Seoul such as: Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market, Gangnam Festival which combines K-POP performance, Fashion show and Gangnam Grand Sale, 2017 Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Gangwon, Gyeonggi, Jeju, and others major cities around Korea also have interesting events, please click this link for more information. 

 Online Shopping Mall Hot Sale!

If you're not in Korea or would like to maximise your time to explore Korea, you can order online and deliver it to your doorstep or hotel. Check out numerous hot deals of best selling Korean products including cosmetics, fashions, K-Pop new albums, accesories and more from online shopping sites such as Gmarket and Kmall24 for awesome saving while shopping~!

Now these online sites are user friendly to foreign customers as they'r in English. Eight years ago when I started online business, Gmarket only in Korean language. Therefore I learned Hangul in order to order things, because I didn't want to keep order wrong things. Now they even have lots of promotion and shipping fee discount.

One of the best things to buy from Korea is because high quality and good workmanship, which you won't worry to get complaints from customers. Therefore, I do recommended to buy directly from Korea online platforms for authentics products.

This VR Shopping is quite intriguing, right?! (Source)

KBS News English reporting on The Korea Sale Festa.  
This year, more businesses are taking part with more abundant sale events.

Online platforms like Qoo10 and Redmart also have promotions for Korea Sale Festa. I'd ordered some Korean foods and cosmetics because of great savings.

 So what are you waiting for? Palli Palli check now~!^^