Monday, 3 April 2017

Lady Americana Mattress

Besides putting $200 deposit for Korean curtain at EXPO Furniture Fair, we also purchase the mattress with the storage bed for our master bedroom. We're not so sure whether our room could fit king size, so we just paid for Queen size and we'd an option to upgrade it to King size by topping up $300. 

Our previous mattress brand was Simmons, which was recommended by my ex-colleague 6 years ago. She told me that best mattress in Singapore brands started with 'S' which were Sealy, Simmons and Serta. It was an awesome and very comfortable mattress with good support for my back. Another thing I like was it was great to minimise motion, therefore I could sleep without much disturbance.

 Actually, we never heard about this mattress brand, Lady Americana.

It was recommended by the sofa sales guy after we told him that we still unable to decide which type of sofa we want. Knowing that we're looking for Simmons mattress, he told us that Lady Americana was having a good deal. He then directed us to the mattress' sales guy at another counter...

We're quickly attended by the sales guy and asked us to feel the firmness of 3 different mattresses by lying down on the back, on the sides or our normal sleeping position. Then he told us that although we never heard their brand because they didn't advertise, but five stars hotels in Dubai using their superior quality mattresses and charging thousand over dollars per night...

For Furniture Fair promotion, the mattress came with free bed frame. We told him that we didn't need the frame as we need to make a platform because we have lots of things to store inside. He then showed us that they have storage bed frame that suits our needs. 
Four panels of blackboard are also removable to make it easier to clean 
without the need to move the heavy bed frame.

 Bedframe is specially customised according to the colors and design 
we want. The hydraulic system installed on top of the storage making
it easy to lift up the heavy mattress.

King Size Bed frame + Lady Americana Royal Premium +
Free 2 Pillows $3,599.00

Took me few weeks for my body to adjust to the firmness of this bed. It's definitely not as good as Simmons, which I think because the padded top layered on the mattress. 

It's too hard to buy bed sheet as the thickness is 33cm (13 inch). We bought a set during Robinson Sale in Expo which cost about $150. It's one size fits all King Size thickness up to 50cm, but don't really like it. It's too loose that need frequent tuck-in to make it neat as it kept dropping out.

Apart from those, I like it as I can have more space to roll around and I like the hydraulic pull-up storage. It save us about $2,500 to make the platform bed.

Bedsheet + quilt cover + 4 pillow cases: $110.00

Managed to customised this Korean Fluffy Velvety Princess bedsheet with 60cm skirting flowing down from mattress to floor. I like it much because it fits perfectly so no need to tidy up the bed every morning.Love snuggling or cocooning myself inside the blanket and gazing out the window... Everyday is a beautiful day~!