Sunday, 8 March 2015

Must See Route in Korea

Still have few postings for my previous trip to Korea, so my mind auto started to plan for next trip to Korea with two kiddos. 

As I mentioned with kids, it means that I need a bit solid preparation on transportation and accommodation arrangements. So, I somehow thought of K-shuttle bus which will be a lot convenience on planning.

So I searched K-shuttle fro KTO website, and found this link from K-Shuttle, The Newest Way to Travel Korea...

In celebration of Website Renewal 

 I think you also don't want to miss this chance to have free trip to Korea, right?!

4 Must See Routes in Korea:
1. ‘Iconic shopping’ course in Seoul
     Dongdaemun Fashion Town - Samcheong-dong - Gyeongnidan-gil

2. 'Royal heritage’ course in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    Surimoi (Royal cuisine) – Wolseong district at Gyeongju historic site - Shila Milennium Park

     Seryangji - Soswaewon - Damyang Metasequoia Road

     Osulloc Tea Museum - Garden of Thoughts - Grapevine Hotel
Details of the route.

Hhmm, should I post my previous trip or plan for the trip first? What do you think? :P