Monday, 31 October 2016

[Lombok] - Gili Pasir

 Gili Pasir.

 It's our last stop before heading to airport to catch our flight.

 It's a plot of sand island similar to Gili Kapal.

 But this one is much smaller than the other Gili Pasir.

 But, I prefer this Gili as it's cute with Indonesian flag flying at the middle of it.

It's super windy here...

  You can see busy waves playing,chasing and hitting other waves~~~!

 Wow! my hubby also being blown by the wind towards my direction.

 Sea urchin?!

 First time seeing Sand Dollar. It's like five-petaled flower crafted on the shell.

 Sand dollars are also symbols of peace. Legend has it that there are five doves
 inside the shells that are free to bring goodwill to the world when the sand dollar is broken.

A lot of  WIERD things found!
New species of Black Pufferfish?


 Corals and shells...

Recommended Tour agency - Green Chili.

Hope to come back again!