Sunday, 29 July 2018

[Masan] - Agu-jjim at Changdong Thatched House (창동초가집).

I never eat Agu-jjim before and since we're at Masan, the birthplace of Agu-jjim, this trip would not be complete before tasting steamed monkfish!

Eonni recommended us to eat at the 창동초가집 restaurant, which is near to Tourist Information Centre, instead of Masan Agu-jjim Street near Odong-dong because later we need to go back as Eonni will help us to call a taxi to go to Jinhae.

 Agu-jjim at Changdong Thatched House (창동초가집).
Add: 창원시 마산합포구 불종거리로 16, 2층. Ph: 055-247-0011/010-3594-5609. 

Steamed Monkfish and Steamed Crab are signature dishes in this restaurant. 

Dishes can be ordered in small (2 person), medium (3 person) or large (4 person) portion. Spiciness degree: mild taste, a bit spicy, spicy or very spicy!

  Agujjim Small - ₩ 28,000 + 2 bowls of rice ₩ 2,000.
Monkfish is rich source of protein and vitamin A, making it good for the skin, 
as well as having little fat and helping with digestion. The vegetables mixed
into the broth contain vitamin C, making this spicy dish very healthy.

 They serve Kimchijeon for free with dongchimi and other sidedishes. 

I told them that the Kimchijeon was delicious when they served us the agujjim. They offered to serve us another one, but we rejected because they served  such a big portion of agujjim and we're shocked!

The staff scooped the rice from hot metal pot into our individual bowls,
and poured water to make Sungyung (Scorched Rice Tea). 

Eonni told us that Agujjim is a very spicy dish, so we selected the least spicy one and still, we could taste the spicy and strong taste.

The fish itself is pretty chewy, and we bit some small and weird things as it burst with salty water. At first, we thought they're fish' eyes but couldn't be so many eyes. Therefore, we asked Eonni, and she said it's Omandi / Mideodeok (오만디 / 미더덕= sea squirt).

Overall, we loved this dish a lot, but we couldn't quite finish all the bean sprouts because we ate too much rice and kimchi jeon.

The restaurant's staff were accommodating and provided excellent service. I do recommend all of you to go there if you're in Masan to taste this authentic and delicious agu-jjim.

While dining, my hubby couldn't find his earphone and realised that he didn't take it out from the Hanbok. So, after we'd our lunch, he went back to Hanbok Cultural Experience Hall and I walked to Tourist Information Centre to wait for him.

Jeong Ok Eonni was so concerned that we went there alone, because he might lose his way. She said even locals had a hard time to go there and somemore he only went there once. So, we walked there and he really couldn't recall where to go at the end of Sang Sang Gil. Luckily, we have kind Eonni to guide us.

It's indeed a bit tricky as it's hiding at the small alley inside Burim Market. But, you will be able to find it with this Video.... So, what are you waiting for? It's Free Hanbok and you can wear it to go around Masan!