Sunday, 26 August 2018

Jinhae City Tour

Back to the workforce for 2 months already, it left me not time to watch Korean dramas and post my trip because I need to work on alternate Saturday too. Worse was last month totally down with bad head spinning and vomiting because of ear-fluid imbalance. Last week it's much better which only attacked me once instead of 3-4 days in a week.

City Tour Bus - KRW 5,000 / Adult.

From Tourist Information Centre, Eonni called a taxi to rush us down from Masan to Jinhae Station so we could join Jinhae City Tour. Eonni told us it's better to go there the soonest before all the cherry blossoms fall as it's nearing the end of their best viewing periods.

 Jinhae Station (진해역).

Too bad, the bus just left the station few minutes ago. 
We'd to wait one hour for the next bus to come.

Having fun with sihouette of Hanbok.

 We walked around the station... There are many cherry blosoms trees around.
Awww... so pretty and lovely flowers~!

Found a cafe nearby station... Coffee Mr Dutch.

Mango Yogurt Snow KRW 6000 & Lemon Yogurt Snow KRW 6000.

We decided to sit comfortably in the cafe, drinking cold drinks and listen to music while waiting for the bus to come.

Best cheerry bloosom sighseeing in Korea~!

The routes are all popular spots to view cherry blossoms: Jehwangsan Park, Jinhaeru, Jinhae Dream Park and Gyeonghwa Station and more. You're free to hop on or drop off at designated points. Just remember to check the timing for the next bus if you're going to the other spot.

 We sat on upper deck for an unobstructed view.

Ok, I'll stop here as I need to concentrate watching episode 15 of my current most favorite drama "Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인)." Are you watching this drama too?