Monday, 20 October 2014

[Jeonju] - Hakindang (학인당)

On our way to Hyanggyo Confucian School, we passed by this 106 year old giwajip (tiled) hanok house. It's the house of Baek Nak-jung, a high-ranking official during the reign of King Gojong from the Joseon Dynasty. 

Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
 This 106 year old hanok house has typical traditional Palace architecture
(it has a garden, pavilion and small pond, which surrounded by pine trees)
 showing typical lifestyle of the nobility of the Joseon Dynasty.

Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
Interesting history about Hakindang House.

Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
 This old house of "Inje" is now converted to guesthouse.  
(Please check the link for more information). 

Wanted to go inside to take some photos, but on the door there is a notice stated: "No-booked no admittance.  If you have pre-booked contact us +82-63-284-9929." So, it's only open for their guests.

 Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
I was quite stunned as few people crawled out from a 'hole' when
I was about to pose for a photo!

Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
헐~! Unbelievable, huh?! How to go in and out 
through this petite (in width and length) wooden door?! 

Those people had to bend their head and body in order to go through that mini door. Actually, we thought that it;s for passing through things without opening the door. But, seriously... I'm pretty sure that my husband can't go in with his big tummy!  I think I'll have a hard time too :P
Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
Traditional Culture Experience available at Hakindang:
 Hanok stay, Tea Ceremony Etiquette, Traditional Customs, 
Traditional Folk Game, Traditional Wedding, Korean Opera and Music.

Jeonju Hakindang (학인당) |
 Hakindang (학인당)  
45, Hyanggyo-gil, Wansan-gu, 
Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
전라북도 전주시 완산구 향교길 45 (교동)
Website: http://학인당.com

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