Thursday, 17 July 2014

[S-Train] - Scenic Southtern Explorer

[Korea S-Train] Railroad trip from Busan to Suncheon | by Meheartseoul Back on Track!!! 

Thanks to Korail for building railways and designed themed-trains routes that run across beautiful Korean peninsula.

S-train added to theme-train family in September 2013. This train runs slowly on S-shaped route along Southern region with scenic sea view, therefore it's named S-Train.
Let's travel to the South with Korail S-Train
 "Turtle ship" S-train looks like vintage locomotive.

Perhaps because of S-train travel to Yeosu, therefore Felix Boukobza (the same art-train designer for O-trainpainted it resembled to Turtle ship (거북선 = Geobukseon) to tribute Great Admiral Yi Sun Shin.
Our initial S-train route (Masan to Gwangju) for easy checking 
on the train timetable and transfer.
 S-train Timetable 

S-Train operates two routes that running once a day: 
1. East - West route covering 250 km in 4 hours.
    ~ Train No 4871, depart from Busan at 9:19 am and arrive in Yeosu at 13:04 pm
    ~ Train No 4872, depart from Yeosu at 18:05 pm and arrive in Busan at 21:51 pm

2. West - East route covering 212 km in 5 hours 30 minutes.
    ~ Train No 4873, depart from Seodaejeon at 9:37 am and arrive in Gwangju at 14:58 pm
    ~ Train No 4874, depart from Gwangju at 16:38 pm and arrive in Seodaejeon at 21:27

This slow-speed train lets you experience the best of the Southern regions passing through picturesque mountains, seas, valleys, and countrysides.

The train can carry 218 passengers in it's five carriages, and designed with different interiors and special themes on each carriage. 
We're sitting at 'family' carriage
Enjoy Korean traditional tea drinking with fragrant tea produced from 
Boseong and Hadong at this unique 'tea' carriage.
Snacks and drinks are available at 'bar' Carriage.

That's the reason why I love to travel by train! It allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoying the view. Buy tidbits and eat or drink whenever you want, as you can go to restroom anytime as you're free to walk around at all time ^^
Awesome! You can recharge your handphone,
and hang your coat at your seat. 

Where did we put our 2 big luggage? Yes, for sure they're unable to fit on overhead compartment. We put them at the luggage compartment between two carriages. 

Ok, this video will show you interior inside S-train, and up close and personal with the beauty of Southern Namhae Coast!