Tuesday, 25 April 2017

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

[Korea] - 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Supporters Team | by Meheartseoul
290 days to Winter Olympics, the most anticipated International event by winter sports athletes and spectators all over the world.!

The venue for this spectacular competition will be held in  Pyeongchang and Gangneung in South Korea from 9 February to 25 February 2018.

 PyeongChang Mountain Cluster will host the snow sports events, 
 and Gangneung Coastal Cluster to serve as ice sports events.

Wish I could be in Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium to witness the glorious opening ceremonies and watch

Located in Gangwon area, 84% of Pyeongchang territory comprising of mountains with average elevations of 750 m above the sea level. It received the most annual snowfall, therefore most of the ski resorts scattered here and it's the hub for winter sports.

To facilitate the event, KTX is constructing 120 km rail line connecting Seoul and Pyeongchang. It should be completed in 2017, this high-speed train would cut the travelling time between these two cities in just one hour.

Introducing official mascots: 
Soohorang for Winter Olympics and Bandabi for Paralympics 2018.

Received these official souvenirs from KTO Singapore for being part of 
2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Supporters Team.

Soohorang (수호랑), the white tiger has been long considered Korea’s guardian animal. “Sooho (수호)” meaning protection in Korean and “Rang (랑)” comes from the middle letter of “Ho-rang-i (이)” for “Tiger.” It's also the last letter of “Jeong-seon A-ri-rang (정선 아리랑)” a cherished traditional folk song of Gangwon Province, where the Games will be held. 

Soohorang not only has a challenging spirit and passion but also is a trustworthy friend who protects the athletes, spectators and all participants in the Olympic Games.

 Soohorang Doll - ₩20,000 Bandabi Doll - ₩20,000.

Bandabi (반다비), the Asiatic black bear with a half-moon mark on the chest symbolises strong willpower and courage in the Korean folklore. “Banda (반다) is derived from “ban-dal” which means half-moon. “Bi (비)” stands for the celebration of the Games.

Bandabi has strong willpower and courage. It is a warm-hearted friend who takes the lead for equality and harmony and encourages athletes to push themselves beyond their limits. We will look forward to Bandabi's amazing activities.

These good quality soft toys, hip-sack (₩39,000) and ear muff (₩21,000)
are manufactured by The North Face - the official partner of 
Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Winter Games.

 Skiing lesson in Muju Deogyusan Resort.

Living in Singapore, we don't have any chance to experience any winter sports in this tropical country.

Therefore, during XXII Olympic Sochi 2014, I visited Korea in February and 'die die' want to learn skiing compared to ice skating or figure skating. My thought was I just need to slide down and I have 2 sticks to support me...

 Oh dear~ my feet not under my brain's control and jellified
when I stood at ski slope for the beginner. 
You can read our experience here.

I would have won a Gold medal for falling every one metre?!!

Gosh~! Tha's so embarrassing... even Daehan Minguk Manse (Song Triplet) have mastered the skiing skill and slide down like pro skiers in this video!

Actually, we planned to bring kids go to Phoenix Snow Park 
for skiing on our last trip in Dec 2015, but we're not feeling well 
so stayed in the Resort have fun snow tubing and...

feeding animals like goats, lamb, dogs, rabbits, chicken and pigs there.

I'll quickly post the long overdue trip in Korea after this and my home renovation review... so please stay tuned~!^^

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(filming location of 'Saimdang, Light's Diary
casting of hallyu stars Song Seung-heon and Lee Young Ae).

(K-drama Hwang Jin-Yi (황진이), Princess Hours Gung (궁) and 
Princess’ Man (공주의남자) were filmed here).
Some of the Pyeongchang Promotional Video was shoot at this charming 
 Hwallaejeong Pavilion surrounded by beautiful Lotus Pond and vast garden. 

 Check out this video : Lee Young Ae outside the pavilion. 

 You can experience Dado (다도체험) Korean Tea Ceremony and 
learn the etiquette while enjoying the outdoor view from the pavilion.

It's nice to see our Dado teachers again even it's just few seconds in this video.
선생님, 항상 건강하고 행복하게 지내세요~.

 How about having healthy and lavish Hanjeongsik. 
We felt like royalties during Joseon Dynasty.
They also served authentic Chodang Sundubu - a must try~! 

(Filming location of Korean Drama 'Goblin' 
Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na).

For more information about Pyeongchang Winter Olympic, please refer to this link.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Beat the Heat with Window Solar Film

We're glad that our house is receiving an adequate amount of sunlight in the morning especially in our living room. It makes the room bright and airy...

According to the compass, our flat is not supposed to be
affected by afternoon sun because it's South facing.
Although we have installed curtains for every window. It's good to filter out the light but do nothing much for the heat that trapped inside the rooms. So we need to find the solution for this!

There are a lot of companies providing service to install UV solar film in Singapore. It's hard to decide we didn't know which one is suitable for our needs. But worry not, most of them provide free and no obligation consultation and site measurements.
The first company carrying 3M brand. They suggested 3M Prestige Sun Control Film mixing PR 40 for windows with big panels and PR60 for side small windows. The cost for 3 bedrooms and living room is $2,469.13 including GST ($12.00 psf after 25% discount).

Melvin, the sales representative from Zenith came to our house. After hearing our problems, he took the device to measure the heat and UV at the balcony with and without film. He showed us few readings with different types of films for comparison. They'd installed quite a number of units in this condo using Nano 25.
We took both companies film samples to check with condo management. However, they only approved those films with high Visible Light Transmitted around 75 and 80 so it's affecting the aesthetics of the external building. But with the low heat rejection, it's as good as not doing anything. Hence, we decided to take the risk as sometimes the heat just unbearable.

To be frank, I never heard about Zenith, but after browsed their Website I could judge that they're trusted company. Besides doing for residential, they also completed some big projects such as Changi Airport, School, and Community Centre.

  It's cheaper $1,000 compared with 3M product that has 
similar specs for heat resistance and UV protection,
although the warranty period is 5 years shorter.
Confirmed and paid 50% deposit to Melvin and requested the earliest slot to install it. My daughter perspires a lot especially if it's too hot. It'll trigger itchiness and her eczema will flare up and getting worse because she won't stop scratching.
Quite dissappointed to receive message from Eugene that Nano 25 was out of stock due to popular demand. He said he'll arrange Melvin to show us their new film. We thought It might be their marketing strategy so we will top up to upgrade as we didn't think that additional 0,1% UV protection is so significant for them to show us the different...

But we're wrong... they replaced it with new Nano Ceramic 30 film
with no additional cost instead of asking us to wait for new stock.
Thumbs up for their sincere and awesome service!

Nano Ceramic 30 UV400 Film: 100% UV Cut,
Visible Light Transmittance 30%,
Total Solar Energy Rejected 65%.

 After demo showing how harmful 0.1% of UVA and UVB rays exposure
to our skin, we're grateful that we can have 100% total protection.

 Melvin was honest to inform us that the film will only reduce the heat,
but won't make it completely gone. He suggested opening a small gap at the
window allowing air to circulate so it'll cool down faster and less stuffy.

The previous steamy study room is now a perfect place for kids to sit by the window
to refresh tired eyes with the greenery and pool view after tired playing
computer games. (Recommended spot by Crownies and Spikey friends).

Yes, it's a one-man show as the other installer guy was missing in action.
I assumed that he's too tired to work after last night Christmas party.

With his experience, there's no problem to handle everything himself.

With the filter, it's less taxing to eyes to see beautiful 
golden sunrise or sunset from the windows.

Without the filter, the image seemed blurry smudge and faded colors.

The shadows of the trees show the West sun direction (photo taken around 5:00 pm). 

Therefore, I concluded that regardless of the facing, the room temperature 
will increase accordingly if the weather outside is scorching hot.
After installation, the clarity level increased because it decreased
the glaring rays and make the image looks more focus with right the colours.

Zenith Window Films
22 Sin Ming Lane
#06-76 Midview City
Singapore 573969
Email: Enquiry@zenithfilms.com.sg
Eugene's HP: 8328 2949

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hydroflux Alkaline Water Filter

Although it's safe to drink directly from tap water in Singapore. Three years ago, we bought Kangen LeveLuk Jr II water filter and drank Alkaline water directly from the system. It also can produce Acidic Beauty water (5.5 pH) which it has the astringent effect that helping to treat trouble skin like eczema. Used it for my daughter for bathing. For strong Acidic (2.5 pH) for sanitising as its disinfecting properties that can kill bacteria, virus and organisms such as ecoli and salmonella.

Sadly, we couldn't bring it together with us the kitchen 
has no space to put the bulky filter to sit on the counter top.

It only left 1.5m after taking away sink and stove areas, which it's even
hard to squeeze rice cooker, air fryer, kettle and dishrack there.

Not sure because our tongue already used to drink filtered water because this is condo is only one-year-old, the water piping should be still new and clean. We didn't expect that water from the tap tasted weird even after boiled it...

Stocked up SamDaSoo natural mineral water as the temporary solution.

I called Hydroflux to enquire for the under sink water treatment and the pricing. They arranged Andy, water consultant from Hydroflux came to do the demo and test water quality. 

 Hydroflux system is much simple with these 4 tubes of different filters.

The price was much much cheaper than Kangen water, which was $1,800 including changing the filters for 5 years and warranty. By the way, their filters are made in Korea.

Andy's very nice and kind, after knowing that my daughter has eczema,
he said he'll give us 4 premium shower filters free of charge. 
It's good for sensitive skin and prevent hair loss. Thank you.

The water treatment just uses 4 filters without electricity, 
and this small faucet sits on top of the sink.

We're satisfied with Hydroflux water purification because the water coming out is now odourless and no more raw groundwater and rusty taste without the need to boil it.

And after seeing how dirty the shower filter which was used less than 3 months, I replaced the normal faucet to this pressurised mist faucet with the filter. It's better for water saving and maybe cleaner water to clean the dishes.  

Hydroflux Marketing Pte Ltd
8 Ubi Road 2, #07-22, Zervex 
Singapore 408538
Tel: 66107053
Andy's HP: 98008351

Monday, 3 April 2017

Lady Americana Mattress

Besides putting $200 deposit for Korean curtain at EXPO Furniture Fair, we also purchase the mattress with the storage bed for our master bedroom. We're not so sure whether our room could fit king size, so we just paid for Queen size and we'd an option to upgrade it to King size by topping up $300. 

Our previous mattress brand was Simmons, which was recommended by my ex-colleague 6 years ago. She told me that best mattress in Singapore brands started with 'S' which were Sealy, Simmons and Serta. It was an awesome and very comfortable mattress with good support for my back. Another thing I like was it was great to minimise motion, therefore I could sleep without much disturbance.

 Actually, we never heard about this mattress brand, Lady Americana.

It was recommended by the sofa sales guy after we told him that we still unable to decide which type of sofa we want. Knowing that we're looking for Simmons mattress, he told us that Lady Americana was having a good deal. He then directed us to the mattress' sales guy at another counter...

We're quickly attended by the sales guy and asked us to feel the firmness of 3 different mattresses by lying down on the back, on the sides or our normal sleeping position. Then he told us that although we never heard their brand because they didn't advertise, but five stars hotels in Dubai using their superior quality mattresses and charging thousand over dollars per night...

For Furniture Fair promotion, the mattress came with free bed frame. We told him that we didn't need the frame as we need to make a platform because we have lots of things to store inside. He then showed us that they have storage bed frame that suits our needs. 
Four panels of blackboard are also removable to make it easier to clean 
without the need to move the heavy bed frame.

 Bedframe is specially customised according to the colors and design 
we want. The hydraulic system installed on top of the storage making
it easy to lift up the heavy mattress.

King Size Bed frame + Lady Americana Royal Premium +
Free 2 Pillows $3,599.00

Took me few weeks for my body to adjust to the firmness of this bed. It's definitely not as good as Simmons, which I think because the padded top layered on the mattress. 

It's too hard to buy bed sheet as the thickness is 33cm (13 inch). We bought a set during Robinson Sale in Expo which cost about $150. It's one size fits all King Size thickness up to 50cm, but don't really like it. It's too loose that need frequent tuck-in to make it neat as it kept dropping out.

Apart from those, I like it as I can have more space to roll around and I like the hydraulic pull-up storage. It save us about $2,500 to make the platform bed.

Bedsheet + quilt cover + 4 pillow cases: $110.00

Managed to customised this Korean Fluffy Velvety Princess bedsheet with 60cm skirting flowing down from mattress to floor. I like it much because it fits perfectly so no need to tidy up the bed every morning.Love snuggling or cocooning myself inside the blanket and gazing out the window... Everyday is a beautiful day~!