Monday, 22 December 2014

[Muju Ski Resort ] - Saint Hue Club Sauna and Jjimjilbang

We enjoyed 1 hour of Sauna and Steam bath at Saint Hue Club before heading back to Seoul. Oh, it's free service from our hotel room package.
Entrance to the Convention Center and St Hue Club Sauna and Jjimjilbang

St Hue Club Sauna & Jjimjilbang
 세인트휴클럽 사우나 & 찜질방

It's around 7:30am when we entered the club. We gave the voucher to the counter staff to exchange for towels and locker keys. She told us that Jjimjilbang is not open yet. Anyway, we didn't bother about it because we only want to soak ourselves in hot tubs to refresh our tired muscles, and we didn't know that there's jjimjilbang there.

Usually most jjimjilbangs open 24 hours because they are popular weekend getaway for Korean families. During the weekdays, many hardworking Korean men stay in Jjimjilbangs overnight after working or drinking with co-workers late into the night.

If you're watching just ended Korean drama Misaeng: Incomplete Life (미생 - 아직 살아 있지 못한 자), you'll see quite a lot of scenes taken at jjimjilbang Korean bathhouses... Jang Geu-rae worked as part-time cleaner there. He also went there after sorted out smelly octopus when others interns went there earlier leaving him alone. He and Jang Baek Ki selling undergarments and socks in front of jjimjilbang. Also awkward moment when Jang Baek Ki and his immediate manager Kang Hae Joon went to the same jjimjilbang and had to soak and bath at the same time. (Vera Lee)
Stored all my clothes inside the lockers...

Aisshh... though it's my 3rd time in Korean jjimjilbang, but it still awkward to walk naked in public. You read it right, it's literally no-strings attached after you undressed yourself, then walk from the changing room to the sauna or pools area.

But, I really like and enjoy the facilities in the bathhouses. Most of them have various pools from icy cold to super hot tubs, some with natural hot springs, ginseng or medicated pools. Big Jjimjilbang even have body scrubbing service, facial, spa and massage treatments . (Vera Lee)
Left Arrow to Sauna (사우나) & right arrow Jjimjilbang (찜질방). (Vera Lee)
 Nobody in the jjimjilbang as it's still close. (Vera Lee)
Hoorray~!!! Nobody nobody but you! ^^ (Vera Lee)
Slowly shower  before entering the pools... (Vera Lee)
then confidently cat-walked to check the temperature of each pools. (Vera Lee)
 turned on the jacuzzi, set my phone alarm, played relaxing songs...
My oh my it's like private pools. Awesome, right?! (Vera Lee) 
 Didn't go in to wet sauna because I don't really like it. (Vera Lee) 
 I also seldom turn on my own stand alone sauna bath tub
because Singapore weather is hot enough to make you perspiring. (Vera Lee)
Had warm shower after about 45 minutes relaxing inside the tubs... (Vera Lee)
Dressing room is between shower and locker room. 

There's water dispenser at dressing room in case you might want to hydrate yourself after hot sauna. Lotion, hair gel, moisturizer, cotton bud, hair dryer are available here. (Vera Lee)
For more information, please check this link. (Vera Lee)
Saint Hue Club is located diagonally opposite Mansun House. (Vera Lee) 
 Same building with Tom N Toms Coffee.

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