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September in Seoul [Day 1]

Recommended Must visit attractions in Seoul | by Meheartseoul
Wohoo~!!! I revisited Korea for the second time after waited 15 months from the first trip. I planned the itineraries myself for this trip too. But, it's more relax as we decided to spend more days in Seoul and not national-wide, as we're traveling with our kids.

Our flight arrived in Seoul at night. So after collected our luggage, we wasted about half and hour to search for "S-Roaming" counter for collecting Pocket Wifi. But, apparently they had closed their counter in Incheon airport.

We took a bus from Incheon Airport to Seoul. we unknowingly took 'Call Van' as the guy approached my husband and quoted KRW 15,000 from Seoul Station to Yongsan. My husband just agreed with it as Xuan (my gal) was not feeling well.

We stayed in Dragon Hill Spa for our first night in Seoul. Actually, just wanted them to experience Korean sauna (jimjilbang).  But they didn't really enjoy it, as it's quite tiring after long hours flight (as it's not direct flight). Moreover, we all not used to sleep on the floor... only my husband slept comfortably there. Xuan and Zhi (my son) managed to sleep on massage chair. (Seoul Trip Blog) (Seoul Trip Blog)
Common (unisex) area with Kiln saunas, ice room, snack counter, wide-screen TV,
PC room, games area, heated floor for lounging and sleeping,...

It's about 3:30am, I was super tired, but I kept opened my eyes when people walking or talking... quite frustrating!  Somehow, I envied those can sleep 'soundly' (snoring)!

Since unable to sleep, I decided to have my bath first. Not a lot of people in the pools. I just went to the pool that nobody inside, and move to another one when someone came in. And there's Jacuzzi tube there, so I just relax and rest myself there.

Oh yah, there were 3 cleaning Aunties (Ajumma) busy cleaning the bathing area. I was so mesmerized by their excellent working attitude. They really did their work from scrubbing every inch of the floor, wiped the partition glasses, and sitting stools. They put their best effort to make sure the place is clean and hygiene. (Seoul Trip Blog)
Smoked eggs, Sikhye, Pizza Kebab, Popsicle Hotdog, Sausage, and chips

Please click this K-spot link for fun things to do in Jimjilbang. If you're light sleeper and not used to sleep on the floor, I would recommend not to sleep there, but spend 2-4 hours to enjoy the facilities and refresh yourself.
We left Dragon Hill around 8 o'clock in the morning. We're going to check-in our luggage in New World Hotel. We asked about dozen taxis or more, but they didn't know how to go there. Some of them tried to key-in the address in GPS, but unable to find it.

And suddenly, a lot of people started queuing for taxi to go to work.  So, we need to queue with the crowd, while my husband went to Yongsan station to purchase 'Day Wifi' access, but the connection was not good. So, unable to browse internet unless he's around the store wifi spot.
Finally our turn to get into the taxi. Again, we showed the driver, but he said needed to make U-turn and resisted. The woman taxi attendance asked him to just let us in because we waited for so long already, but he still rejected to take us there ㅠㅠ.

Then, she asked us to wait taxi opposite the road, so taxi no need to make U-turn. When the queue was cleared, she saw us still waiting for the taxi... she crossed the road and helped us to tell the taxi driver how to go there. We really appreciate for her kindness.

Things to note: 
- Print out the address in Hangul instead of Romanisation.
- Provide contact number, so they can call to check if necessary
- Check the nearby location or major buildings
- Get data plan and stay connected, especially if you're traveling alone.
Initially, we wanted to go to Gwanjang market for breakfast after check-in the hotel.  But, it's out of time... therefore, we just bought some twigim from Pocha and we eat while waiting for taxi.
We're 10 minutes late for photo shooting, and they might been expecting for us, as the staff immediately knew that we're from Singapore when I told him that my appointment was at 9:30am. (Seoul Trip Blog)
Please check my last posting about GoGuan Hanbok Studio
or from K-Spot for the direction.

We need a lot of information such as confirming whether the restaurant we wanted to go has the branch in Gangnam, S-Roaming or other data service provider, Sea Train, Rail Bike and so on. So, we went  to KTO Tourist Information Centre near Cheonggyecheon Stream to gather information that we needed.

We won 4 tickets of "Fanta-Stick" (판타스틱) Live Korean Traditional Musical Performance from KoInMo Stylist. We collected the ticket from KoInMo's booth, which just outside KTO Building. (Seoul Trip Blog) (Seoul Trip Blog) (Seoul Trip Blog)
KoInMo Ticket Booth
After settled everything from KTO, our tummies rumbled  so hard... we quickly rushed to D'Maris for sumptuous buffet lunch (to celebrate my birthday) ^^ (Seoul Trip Blog)
 D'maris (드마리스뷔페).
Weekday Lunch: Adult (KRW 28,600) | Primary School (KRW 20,900) | Pre-School (KRW 8,800)
Weekday Dinner: Adult (KRW 35,200) | Primary School (KRW 20,900) | Pre-School (KRW 8,800)

There are more than 250 variety dishes including Fresh seafood, Teppanyaki, Sashimi, Sushi, Salad,
Korean Food,  Mediterranean food, Deserts and Fruits,...

Two thumbs up!!! Reasonable price with such a high quality and tasty food, awesome ambiance and also excellent services from friendly and handsome waiters! What else can I asked for? ㅋㅋㅋ (Seoul Trip Blog)
Hongik University (Hongdae) area
Bottom Right: Korean Egg Bread (계란 빵 = GaeranBbang)

Taxi driver dropped us at Hongik University, oh it's quite crowded! But where's Trick Eye Museum? Which direction to go? left? right? straight,...?!  we just walked followed our intuition. 

Woohoo~!!! we spotted Tourist Information Centre! Quickly went in and asked direction to Trick Eye Museum, ID Hair Salon and Telcom / Data Plan Service Provider shops around Hongdae. Won't be able to survive without internet!!!

Bravo to TIC... they gave us a printed copy of the map and showed us how to go from there! Firstly, we walked to few Telcom stores to get something similar to Pocket Wifi, but not available or you need to sign up the package for 2 years?!

Zhi asked whether we came all the way to Korea just to find pocket Wifi? Because the first thing we did when we arrived in Incheon was to locate S-Roaming counter. And we searched and asked around desperately! Although, some of the places have free Wifi, but we're moving around and not familiar with the location. So, really need GPS or map for guidance. (Seoul Trip Blog)
ID Hair salon is located at Honggik Univ. Exit 9
opposite the brown building with giant LCD TV

Seoul Trip Blog |
Uh-Ho~?!! Yes, this is my new hairstyle ^^

Seoul Trip Blog |
Seoul Trick Eye Museum.

Seoul Trip Blog |
Be careful!!!

Seoul Trip Blog |
 Help... HEELLPPP!!!

Seoul Trip Blog |
Freezing cold Ice Museum 

Please check these K-spots for more details:
- Trick Eye & Ice Museum: Discount Voucher and location
- ID Hair Salon: Price, website and locations

Phew! just in time to buy ferry tickets for 60 minutes Hangang River Cruise from Yeouido - Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain - Yeouido. You can also board from Jamsil or Ttukseom.  Please check the timing, as  there are few ferry operators and especially if you want to have dinner buffet or Live concert performance on board. 

You can see Hangang River’s beautiful scenery, the surrounding islands, Jeoldusan Park, the 63 City Building, N Seoul Tower, Jamsil’s Multi Sports Complex, and other famous tourist spots.

Xuan & Zhi listed Hangang River and Ferry Cruise as one of the best attractions in Seoul. They suddenly stop coughing when they reached there. Wow, Hangang has such good 'qi' (energy)!

 Seoul Trip Blog | 
Banpo Bridge with Rainbow Fountain
Seoul Trip Blog | 
so romantic huh~! ㅎㅎㅎ
Seoul Trip Blog |
Goodnight Pretty Seoul~^^

Hangang Cruise is getting more and more popular because of Korean drama 'My Love from Another Star'. Remember the scene where Do Min Joon and Cheon Song-yi shared their first kiss? You can book it from Trazy with just a few clicks!

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