Wednesday, 10 January 2018

[Bagan Datoh] - Blue Tears & Sky Mirror Tour

These are photos and videow compilations of Sky Mirror and Blue Tears Tour, because there are too many photos. It's easier to play the video rather than scrolling down the long page, right?

Please check my previous post if you're interested to join this tour.

Photoshoots at Sky Mirror.

Don't worry that you don't know how to snap good reflection photos as they assign a staff for each group. They also edited the photos before sending them to your whatsapp.  

It's prohibited to enter the island to see the blue tears at the beach.
So, the staff will catch them using net and you can see these
glowing blue plankton at night.

The only thing you need to know is these photos were taken at this plot of black sand in the middle of the sea with murky brown water. To be frank, I was really shocked because judging from the photos that I seen, it should be blue water.

Another activities to do there is digging for lala, which you can bring back and the restaurant will cook them for your lunch.

The cost for this 2D/1N tour is RM 300.00 which include accommodation, breakfast, lunch (seafood plater), dinner (steamboat) and supper. Well, I can say it's quite reasonable and worth it. Though I was quite dissappointed  to see the water color and can't really witness the fluorescent blue beach at night, but, the staffs were friendly and nice. 

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