Sunday, 23 June 2013

Minecraft Pixel Art [PSY - Gangnam Style, Mario & 1 up Mushroom]


Let me introduce my 2 kiddos to you...

Name: Cheerry Chai Xuan Ying
Nicknames: Xiao Mo gu (Mushroom = 蘑菇) or Xiao bi zi (Little Nose = 小鼻子)
Age: 10 years old
School: Maha Bodhi School (P4)
 Minecraft's Name: DragonSteve142

Name: Chai Hao Zhi.
Nickname: Handsome "Sesame" (for his tiny eyes)
Age: 8 years old 
School: Maha Bodhi School (P2)
 Minecraft's Name: DragonSteve142

They're kinda busy now, as it's June School Holiday. They are so busy that if you don't remind or scream them to stop playing... they can forget to eat and bath! Headache, right?!

Their favourite game is Minecraft. For school holiday, everyday they play it for around 5-6 hours. Besides playing MC, thhey also like to watch something related to Minecraft and Korean variety show "Running Man" from Youtube.

They do record and post some videos about Minecraft in Youtube too. Here are the recent videos on Pixel Art:

PSY - Horse Riding Pose (done by Cheerry)

Mario & 1up Mush"room" (done by Hao Zhi)

Please check here for more videos:


Thursday, 20 June 2013


I guess those that crazy about Korea (like me) might have known that Buzz Korea is currently having a not-to-miss grand event... "PSY WIKI KOREA DICTIONARY"!

Please check out this link for more information on How to Participate, How to Get Extra Points and Prizes for this event.

빨리 빨리~~~ 시간이 없어요! Please hurry as the event is until 12 July 2013.

Just wanna inform you that I'm participating for it and praying hard to be one of the lucky first prize winners (Wiki Korea Tour with Korean celebrities)!!!

Yes, I need your precious time to read my entries and watch some videos. I spent a lot of time for research including asking my Korean friend's opinion for some of the questions.
Your votes will be the greatly appreciated and might be helping me to fulfill my dream~~~ 
Thank you... 감사합니다... Terima Kasih... ^^

Please click the image for information on participating and voting for this event
As I submitted quite early... my entries should be on the last few pages. Please click on "More +" button to find them or look for my username "VeraLee" to vote 

Here are my entries for "Food" Category:
1. What are the most popular types of Yasik in Korea? 
2. Could you tell me some famous Susansijangs(fish markets) in Korea?
3. Which do you prefer: eating a Bungeoppang from the tail or the head?
4. What drink goes well with Pajeon?
5. I want to know which are the three tastiest Banchan.
6. What is the best way to eat Samgyeopsal?
7. Could you tell us a bit about your own Bibimbab recipe?
8. What do you usually order at a Tteokbokki place besidesTteokbokki?
9. What is the best dish on the Surasang menu (Royal court cuisine for kings)?

I'd compiled my answer in a short video [Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea Dictionary]

or watch from Youtube:
Here are some of the videos that I posted for this event:
1. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Dolhareubang
2. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Jeju - Hyeopjae & Jungmun Beach]
3. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Jeju - Jeongbang & Cheonjeyeon Falls]  
4. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Jeju Olle-gil]  
5. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Haeundae Beach]  
6. Buzz Korea - PSY Wiki Korea [Shopping]  

I still have these 6 Questions to answer. Please check them out too, as you can find answers from others participants:
1. [FUN] Where and when would I come across street cheering in Korea?
2. [SHOPPING] Where should I go when I’m in Hongdaeap?
3. [SHOPPING] Cheongdam-dong is a well-known fashion district in Korea.
    What comes to mind when you think of Korean fashion?
4. [SHOPPING] Which traditional markets in Korea are worth visiting?
5. [SHOPPING] What makes Cosmeroad a better place to buy makeup than department stores?
6. [SHOPPING] What is your advice on taking Chak-shots in clothing stores?
How I wish that I'm in Korea now... Singapore is blanket with hazardous haze since few days ago. PSI level soared up to 321 on June 19, 2013. Please drink a lot of water and stay indoors  if possible. Take care!
Again, thank you for your time... Cheers~!!!



Sunday, 2 June 2013

My first shopping with 11street (Korea)

Meheartseoul| 11street Korea Online Shopping
It's Saturday 7.20 am, still lying on my bed playing Candy Crush when my son came in with a paper and a pen asked me to sign. Thought that it's something related to his school exam paper. He'll said postman was outside and he'll pass the paper to the postman after I signed it. But, he came in and asked me to go out as I need to open the door and bring in the parcel. Aigoo! no choice... I need to wake up!

Just for your information, I love to shop online for almost everything from local and overseas online shopping platforms. I find it's very convenience as I don't need to go out from house, wasting my time go around as I tend to lost my way, and after that have to bring back heavy shopping bags.

So? what did I order online recently? groceries was delivered here around last week, my Customers' orders arrived 2 days ago, health supplement was here yesterday... yesterday before I went to bed, the status shown "Delivery in Progress (Air Delivery)" for my orders from 11st Korea.
The parcel is really from 11st Korea, which I ordered 27 May and it took only 5 days (to be exact only 4.5 days as I ordered them in the evening) to reach here ^^

11st Korea Online Shopping |
I purchased these 6 caps from this seller, 선남선녀

Here are the reasons why I bought the caps/ hats:

11st Korea Online Shopping |
1. Bought this cap from another online shopping from Korea...
but somehow the cap decided to go back it's hometown in Korea (lost it in Gyeongju) ㅠㅠ

11st Korea Online Shopping |
2. Don't like crazy messy hair...
love and hate playful wind~~~

11st Korea Online Shopping |
3. Protect head, face and eyes from the sun

4. Fashion accessory to look more stylish. Somehow it's quite useful for hygiene purpose...
I put on the cap before the helmet, as not sure whether the helmet was clean because it's used by many people

11st Korea Online Shopping |
5. Need it for cruise on 5-8 May ^^

11st Korea Online Shopping |
11st is holding a Post Reviews Event...
one of the lucky winners will get Free Roundtrip Ticket to KOREA

Wohoo!!! I must NOT miss out this chance, because:
1. I need the cap. 
2. Free International Shipping Coupon of  KRW30,000
3. Free Trip to the country that I'm dreaming of day and night

Therefore I decided to order through 11 street Korea, though quite worried that I might not be able to get the cap in time for my cruise and not in time to write a review as the event is until 4 June 2013.

I'm so happy and thankful as my orders arrived much earlier than what I expected.

11st Korea Online Shopping |
Items are nicely wrapped in plastic bag before put them in the box.
As the box is only 1/2 full, they put a big bubble wrap on top on the empty space to make sure the items securely in the box and not being flatten down by heavy items. It's so thoughtful of them ^^

11st Korea Online Shopping |
(Usual Price KRW20,800 with current discount of KRW5,900)
Nice Black cap with metal sequins on both sides that looks like Milky Way at night
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Korea

11st Korea Online Shopping |
(Usual Price KRW19,000 with current discount of KRW5,900)
I like this girly look Patrol cap in Indie Pink color with combination of stiff cracked leather visor.
 This patrol cap was worn in the Korean War. It had a flannel wool panel that folded down to cover the ears and the back of the head. 
Brand: Jackie Baseball | Verius
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Korea

11st Korea Online Shopping |
(Usual Price KRW16,900 with current discount of KRW4,000)
This checkered flat cap with country-look charm... 
First time wearing flat cap... yeah, it's quite fun... hahaha
 I think you can easily matched it with denim jeans for cool yet casual looks style.
Brand: J. Cap & Co
Material: 100% Cotton & Denim
Made in Korea

11st Korea Online Shopping |
 (F) 03-DH 면동글이/ 블랙 - KRW10,900
(Usual Price KRW14,900 with current discount of KRW4,000) 
Bowler hat / Bob hat was popular with the working class during the Victorian era, and later on with the middle and upper classes in the United Kingdom. Later in the United Kingdom, it would come to be worn as work dress by the officers of the Queen's Guards. (Source: Wikipedia)

Since the brim is quite flexible... I can wear it stylish with the brim arched up or wear it casually like Bucket hat by arching it down which offers shade from the sun...
Worth every single penny! Love it much ^^
Material: 100% cotton

Made in Korea

11st Korea Online Shopping | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com11st Korea Online Shopping |
(W) 20-CL 지사배색리본/ 그레이 - KRW13,100
(Usual Price KRW17,100 with current discount of KRW4,000) 
This sun hat is what I need the most to protect my head and shoulders from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) with its 11 cm brim.
Simple sun hat with a small ribbon in 3 tones (khaki, olive green and blue shades)

I love swimming and go to beaches... but lazy to apply sunscreen lotion or sometimes I forgot to apply it as I'm not used to apply it. You won't see me carrying umbrella on sunny day... and most of the time you'll see me running in the rain, as I don't like to carry anything including bag (which so many times I left my bag as I thought that I didn't bring anything out)...  But, I'm with my HP all the time (so I can call for help if I forget to bring money or credit card with me :P).

My skin is now showing a lot of pigmentation spots to warn me that I really need to take care of it before it get worsen!!!

Aaawww... my 'lil mushroom looks so cute and lovely in this sun hat ^^ 
Material: 100% 지사 (straw?)

Made in Korea

11st Korea Online Shopping | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com11st Korea Online Shopping |
(G) 297-KO DSQ숏챙/ 베이지곤 - KRW13,100
(Usual Price KRW16,100 with current discount of KRW3,000) 

Latest design cap with wired visor, so you have the freedom to flip it up or bend it down.
This cap is a bit too big for my head... but it's ok.
Material: 100% cotton

Design in Korea

Do you like to wear headgear? Which type / design?

Actually wanted to buy 1 cap only, but ended up with 6 caps as there're a lot of designs available and it's free delivery coupon of KRW30,000 for purchase over KRW50,000. Total of my purchase was KRW78,000 (about SGD 90.00).

I don't have any issues ordering the caps. It'll be more convenience if 11street can add "Bookmark" on the item page, so customer can bookmarks the items they like and reduce time to scroll up and down. Overall pleasant shopping experience through 11street platform. Awesome speed of local and overseas delivery. 정말 고마워요 ^^

There's another Food Recipe Contest... I might join for this contest too. Do check out 11st Facebook page for more information ^^

11st Korea Online Shopping |

Wish me good luck, please~~~^^