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[Tongyeong] - Jangsado Sea Park (장사도 해상공원)

After about a 45 minutes fun Cruise ship ride accompinied by hundreds of seagulls flying along from Tongyeong to Jangsado.

Miss Mermaid gazing to the Terminal waiting for the Prince.

Thank you seagulls, I know you would like to show us the beauty of Camelia Island, right? Do take care and fly back safely to your home ya...

 It was a sunny but windy day, good weather to explore this 'silkworm' shaped island.

 Korean drama-addicts will know these 2 famous dramas on the big board. 

Yes, here was the filming setting for "My Love from the Star" (별에서 온 그대), "Uncontrollably Fond" (함부로 애틋하게) and "One Warm Word" (따뜻한 말 한마디).

 Sorry Cheon Song Yi, let me borrow your love 
Mr Do Min Joon for a minute, please...

It's completely impossible to take a nice photo when there were about 100 over visitors standing there in their various poses... so we went to other places first and then returned back just for these photos. Which is why you can barely see anyone. Ok, admit I'm crazy!!!

Cheon Song Yi: "Where are we now? Did we leave Earth now?"

Do Min Joon teleported her because she asked him to bring her to 
a place with nobody. They landed at this tunnel full of Camelia flowers.

But not many red flowers were left when we visited...

Worse was Do Min Joon was not there, so I'd to   imagine that this pole 
which shows the filming site was actually him sitting there.

It's recommended to follow the route based on the number stated on 
Visitor Guide Map. By doing so, you can stroll the island 
perfectly within 2 hours and not marathon running like us.
 (Our route: 1 =>  2 => D => 11 => 12 => 13 => 14 => 4 => 2 => D => 16 => 18)

The most outstanding Outdoor Concert Theatre I've ever seen.

 Everyday you can watch free "4D movie experience" in the midst of lovely vegetation, 
listen to the sounds from the sea and smell fragrant flowers!

 A panorama view of the theatre.

Sculptures of large heads compared to our small heads.

 Failed photo... my head should have been lower.

Cheon Song Yi envies this Yeonriji (연리지 = Love Tree)
because the two trees became one and now live together forever.

View of the theatre from Owl Observation. 

 Coastal Scenery from Owl Observation.

This was where Cheon Song Yi told Do Min Jun that 
they will live here together, just the both of them...

 Small Church

 Nuvi House Restaurant with the mascot of Jangsado, the "Silkworm"

 The herb garden outside the restaurant, with enviable bushes of
Rosemary growing wildly. I killed so many of them though
I took good care of them like my precious babies! Its a really hard to please plant!

Had a small quarrel with hubby as he said that we should skip the
Rainbow bridge because we were running short of time and
walking down to the pier will take 15 minutes.

I insisted and said that I would go there myself if he didn't want to come with me.

This Bridge was featured in drama "One Warm Word"
and "Uncontrollably Fond"

At the end, he followed me too because he afraid that I might lose my way ;P

This bridge will link you to 3 other observatories, but we really didn't have time unless we could
 fly and I'm not Cheon Song Yi, so Do Min Joon wouldn't budge even I call him for help!

On our way back to the pier...

Greenhouse and blue sea.

You can find Sculptures and artwork displayed at the various places here...

and more at the Outdoor Galery (where Song Yi and Min Joon took a selca).

 Wish I can lie there and enjoy the view too.

The park is well designed with direction signs to lead you to the correct way.
 Time needed to go to departure pier: 20 minutes (from Owl Observatory)
or 15 minutes (from Restaurant)

Oh no... it's not walking but instead climbing down these endless stairs.

 But, it's really worth the trip even with the running and the sweat...

I was out of breath and a was relieved to see that there were
still many people that have yet to board the ship.

Jangsado Sea Park (장사도 해상공원)
Add: Jangsado-gil, Hansan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.

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Ship from Tongyeong to Jangsado Island

Our plan was actually to go to Mireuksan Mountain because it's one of the 100 best mountains in Korea. Then the next day will go to Jangsado from Geoje. However, Mr Lee Kisa-nim told us that it's nearer to go to Jangsado from Tongyeong. 

Therefore, he drove us from ES Club Resort  to the Hul Hul guesthouse (will write about this later) to drop our luggage.

 Tongyeong Cruise Ship Terminal (통영유람선터미널)

 Mr Lee Kisa-nim helped us to purchase tickets from the counter.

 We just left 5 minutes if we want to take the cruiseship. The next one was using
normal passenger ferry. The cruise ship only sails once a day.

Fare for Ferry ticket is cheaper KRW2,000 than by cruise.

Jangsado Island Admission Fee: KRW 10,500 / Adult.

 Quickly filling up our particulars on ship manifest before boarding it.

Two way Ship and Admission to Jangsado Island: KRW 33,500 / Adult.

 There were 158 Adults on board the ship.

Jangsado Visitor Guide Map

One of the staff followed us and gave us the lanyard and guide map of Jangsado Island. He was kind to explain to us that we need to go to another pier (no.18) when coming back from the island. The ship will depart at 4pm, and we should be there 10 minutes earlier. 

He also told us that if we lose our way, we could ask for help by showing our lanyard "외국인 Foriner Guster Ship Name Tong Yung Happy King" and the other side "통영 해피킹." So when people read this, they'll know that we're foreign guests from Tongyeong Happy King Ship. 

Fortunetely, there's a canteen selling food in the ship...  

Kinda sad that we only had instant noodles for our lunch. I thought we would have some seafood as it is a port city!!! Actually we wanted to get gimbap from the convenience shop at the terminal, but they only make it is ordered, and we didn't have time because we're the last passengers. Anyway at least we have some energy to explore Jangsado, right?

People busy with their own things, chatting, eating,...

 But when the music on! It's a completely different atmosphere...
People are gathering at the dance floor and it's so happening here! 
Everyone, Let's dance to the music~~~^^

 Hey ya~! There are so many seagulls flying outside...

 Let's go to the sky deck to say hello~! 

 Omo~! It's so beautiful... The sea, the islands, the view,
the weather, seagulls, and everything...

 Some people were feeding them prawn crackers, but we didn't 
buy because not sure whether it's good for their health.

Wish I could fly together with these seaguls. 
They must know where the most beautiful spot is...
Please bring me along with you~!

That cute island makes me miss my little turtle "Tutle"
which is currently up there swimming in heaven...

 Be careful and protect your hat or scarf...
No, the seagulls won't peck at them but the playful wind will blow them away!

Happy King Cruise ship & Normal Passenger Ferry at the Terminal dock.

  Tongyeong Cruise Ship Terminal (통영유람선터미널)
 Add: 경상남도 통영시 도남동 경상남도 634.
Phone: 055-645 2307 / 055-646 2307

The ticket office is on the 2nd floor and on ground floor is 
market selling various types of sea products.