Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kuta Lombok Beach

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Unaccounted 2 hours at Novotel Lombok, as we felt only spent about 30 minutes admiring the intimate setting of Novotel Lombok. Still not satisfied playing at the clean Putri Nyali Beach when we found out that it's 2 pm already. How and where did our two hours gone? Search me!!!

 Kuta Lombok Beach | 
 Kuta Lombok Beach.

We asked the driver to bring us for lunch before we proceed to other beach located around South Coast of Lombok. He recommended us to go to Restaurant Anda as we wanted to try Sasak food.

Sasak Tribe, the indigenous people of Lombok gathering along Kuta Beach.  | 
Sasak Tribe, the indigenous people of Lombok gathering along Kuta Beach. 

We saw large tents stretching along the beach, which earlier we also noticed them on our way from airport to hotel.

The drivers told us that it's local event. This is Sasak tribe annual event, where the villagers with their family and friends from Sade village gather at Kuta Beach.

There's no particular agendas, just casual gathering. It's more like massive camping and picnic event to socialize and bond among the villagers. They will go fishing when low tide, cook and share the food. It's for relaxing because when raining season come, they'll be busy at the farms. Majority of Sasak tribe is farmer, and they still rely of rainfall for water (rainfed) for their farming practice.

In fact, the villagers of Sade Village still uphold Sasak tradition and preserve the authenticity of the remains Sasak culture in their daily lives.

On the second day, another driver told us that he just married. He said that according to their marriage custom and traditions, the man had to kidnap the woman secretly at night. If being caught by her family, he'll be fined. If successful, he'll bring the woman to stay at his relative house. The next day the man will go to the woman's house and propose. Unique custom? Maybe yes, but at the same time it's horror to me. Isn't it horrendous to imagine someone suddenly kidnap your daughter without notice?

Restaurant Anda is just about 5 -10 minutes ride from Novotel Lombok. It's opposite Kuta Beach.

Anda Restaurant @ Kuta Lombok Beach |
It serves different types of food including Western, pizza and pasta.

Anda Restaurant @ Kuta Lombok Beach |
Rajang Soup Sari Laut - Rp. 50,000.00

 Kuta Lombok Beach |
Ikan Bakar Sambal Tomat - Rp 55,000.00

Anda Restaurant  - Indonesian and Sasak Food |   Anda Restaurant  - Indonesian and Sasak Food |
Our first meal in Lombok - Indonesian and Traditional Sasak food.

 Kuta Lombok - Anda Bungalow & Restaurant | 
Rajang Soup quite delicious, but the grilled fish a bit dry and hard.

Anda Bungalow & Restaurant |
Anda Bungalow & Restaurant
Add: Jln Raya Kuta, Lombok Tengah, Praya, Indonesia
Phone: +62 370 54836