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[Buyeo] - Busosanseong Fortress (부소산성) Tour

[Korea] - [Buyeo] - Busosanseong Fortress (부소산성) Tour | by Meheartseoul
There were few people sitting at A Twosome Place cafe also waiting for Buyeo City Tour. When the bus arrived in front of Gongju station, the waitress told the group. I quickly went out asked the driver whether we can join the tour as we didn't have the ticket yet. I asked him how much we need to pay , but he just asked us to board the bus. Really thankful because the driver didn't abandon us there although we didn't register.

Arrived in Buyeo, the ancient capital of Baekje Kingdom.

At  Buyeo Tourist Information Centre, they asked why we didn't register, I explained and showed them email that I asked assistance for booking, including email directly to Buyeo office but failed. Actually, I was prepared if they reject us we'll just hire a taxi to bring us to the attraction places as shown on the itinerary. Luckily, we just need to pay the tour fees and after received our lanyard we quickly boarded the bus...

The only foreigners joining this City Tour...

We're ready to explore the city of UNESCO World Heritage with 234 ruins and relics hidden in every corner in this city where Baekje culture and spirit alive!

Itinerary for Buyeo City Tour for Saturday Course: Gongju Station (9:30) -> Busosanseong Fortress parking lot (10:00) -> Busosanseong Fortress tour and traditional ferry (10:00-12:00) -> Lunch (12:00-13:00) -> Jeongnimsa  Temple Site (13:00-13:40) -> Saturday Traditional  Music performance (14:00-  15:30) -> Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs (15:50-16:50) -> Busosanseong Fortress  parking lot (17:00) -> Gongju Station (17:30).

 = Busosanseong Fortress (부소산성) UNESCO World Heritage =

 Tourist map of key attractions in Buyeo.

Buso Mountain Fortress Gate.

Listening to tour guide explanation...

Busosanseong was called Sabi Fortress or Sabiseong or Soburiseong Fortress. It consists of the inner fortress divided by roads centered on the royal palace, a defensive fortress called "Buso Mountain Fortress", and outer walls surrounding the palace.

 then moving up...

Buyeo National Cultural Property Center.

previously function as Buyeo National Museum.


Map of Busosanseong Fortress Trail.

The tour guide introducing this map... but I only understand few percent as she delivered it in Korean language. We joined in last minute and I think 99% joining this tour were Koreans.

  Anyway, in that era commoners walked from one point to another point. 

So, their breakfast, lunch and dinner at the different locations. Only King or higher rank people riding horses... But now we're taking cars to go around... 

Maybe the fortress was stretched all the way to city area too 
because our guide pointed to Buyeo town.

 Interpreted those that I understood to these "question marks" faces.

 Though it's winter, but the trees still pretty with autumn foliage.

Started our fortress walking tour from here.

 We're going to Baekhwajeong Pavilion, 
Nakhwaam Rock and Goransa Temple.

Felt like I was traveling back to Buyeo era, and having some leisure walk (산책 = sanchaek) through this fortress.

A pleasant stroll shaded by colorful leaves and sometimes the snow falling from the trees.

Appreciate that it's brick road, so it must be much easier to walk and 
it's not slippery, especially it's a bit drizzling.

 and didn't want to stain my pretty hanbok.

Our guide noticed my Hanbok, and commented that it's very nice and I wore it even I'm a foreigner. They didn't even wear it. Well, if I know we need to cut through the woodland we'll wear something more appropriate and comfortable, but too bad we only found it out then.


 Seoboksa Temple is the site of a royal prayer temple during Baekje period.

Excavated relics included clay Buddha statue, roof-end tiles
with lotus design and mural painting.

It's a refreshing experience for us to stroll through 
the forest fortress along the calm river.

Didn't expect that it's on foot, and I even though donned myself in Hanbok. Well, there's no big deal although we'd to walk up and down through this hilly path with some steps for close to 2 hours. In fact, it's kinda therapeutic and powerful healing for busy hectic life.

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