Friday, 14 March 2014

Beautiful Method (뷰티풀 메쏘드) Launching Show in Seoul @Only Gallery

After checked-in Sejong hotel (will write more on the other post later), I still had lots of time as my friend postponed the appointment to 1 pm instead of 12 pm. Thought to go to Myeongdong for a walk... Wait! better not as I tend to forget the time when shopping :P

심심해 bored! Nothing to do after done taking pictures of the room, gobbled down 1 piece of 'flat' Dunkin Donut, whatsapp to my hubby to inform him hotel room number, scrolled up and down for Facebook updates while lying on the bed. It made me wanted to sleep. Ccckk cckkk ccckkk!!! Vera!!! are you a piggy?! Unbelievable... how can you sleep and sleep and sleep again~!

Aahhh~! Ok... it's much better and refreshing after a warm bath. It's time to move out from hotel. I took taxi instead of initial plan to go by subway. Well, I don't have confidence to take subway alone... and I hate to wander alone in the maze with lots of long stairs!

My friend fetched me from Seoul Seorae Elementary School (서래초등학교) around Bangbae area, then brought me to the nearby restaurant to have my lunch first before going to Only Gallery (온리 갤러리) for Beautiful Method (뷰티풀 메쏘드) launching show. 
Beautiful Method is my Korean friends' new Art Canvas Company. 
They turned beautiful ideas into these beautiful Printed Art Canvases ^^

Featuring: CG.Kinocco, Stein Cain and BM Official Illustration

Museum Quality Giclee-Print on 100% Cotton Canvas
and Durable Japanese Cedar for Canvas Stretcher.

 Artwork comes with Collector Card, packed inside solid box 
with foam pouch and demoisturizer for extra protection.

Debut Exhibition of Beautiful Method at their own gallery, 
Emoa Space Gallery in New York before launching show in Seoul

Emoa Space (founded by native Seoulites) was selected as one of 
10 Places to buy Affordable Art in NY by Jennifer Wood on

Wanna get inspired and turn your wall or desk looks lovelier with these beautiful art pieces of your favorite artworks? 

suitable to display them at your home, office, cafes and boutiques,...

Price List:
S-size (15 x 15 cm): USD 42.00 / KRW 48,000 / SGD 60.00
M-size (30 x 30 cm): USD 108 / KRW 128,000 / SGD 160.00
3-set or 4-set package at special price ^^

Please click this link to order directly from Beautiful Method or you can order from lilcheerry or to view and purchase them on the spot (until end of March) at: 

Only Gallery (온리 갤러리)
종로구 삼청동 27-10 

If you are interested in the art world, you might be keen to join Art Tour Program (collaboration between Emoa Space Gallery and Local Color NYC):
* Art course at the renowned Art Students League of New York (ASLNY)
* Group shows and artist promotion opportunities at art gallery in Chelsea 
* Education consultations for students with NYC gallery directors
* Various art-related, guided tours to museums (MoMA, Guggenheim,...), galleries, art schools, etc.
* Accommodations at a boutique guesthouse in Midtown Manhattan
* Visits to NYC’s important artist communities and  local hangouts (Lower East Side,  Williamsburg,
* Tour is available in English and Korean.

For sure gain much for this art tour program, as you'll be in good hands with experience and excellent arts insights team. For more information, please check this website and photos here.

Speaking from my experience, I usually did some homework by reading the available information before visiting. But still, it's totally different when someone knowledgeable with that object or familiar inside out of that particular place personally guide and share the important facts to you.

For my first day in Seoul, my awesome Korean friend personally guided me around to museum, art galleries and hangout places in Seoul~! 당연하죠~! this really made my experience visiting galleries and museums more enjoyable and I learnt more about arts too. 넵, 럭키 베라~! ㅎㅎ