Monday, 27 April 2015

Un-un-un-un-un-Unbelieveable Sinchon Shopping Street

A must Visit Shopping Distrit in Seoul: Sinchon | by Meheartseoul
It's our first time to step our feet in Sinchon. We only explored and shopped around Myeongdong, Dongdaemnun, Insadong, Itaewon, Hongdae, and Garosugil during our first two trips in Korea.

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
 Sinchon Station is located between Hongik University (Hongdae) Station 
and Ewha Womans University (Edae) Station.

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
Sinchon (신촌 = new village) is so vibrant in the evening.

STOP!!! What happen? Why crowds rounding at the middle of the street?! Oh~! It's bubble show!!!

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street | 
 I know right... people were all stunned seeing this
 enormous long bubble right in front of their faces! :O

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
Oh that's nothing yet! He asked the boy to squat there and with his magic bubble wands...
Adaabracadabra! now the boy's inside the bubble...
and then they slowly flying up~up~up~ to the sky! 

(Unbelievable?!) ㅎㅎ Ok ok... it's just my wild imagination on flying part. But, isn't it awesome show?! Actually the boy can stand, you see there's still enough room for him...

Did you notice that we're standing on zebra cross road? and that orange lighted traffic light on the above photos? How did we stop the whole traffic for this bubble performance? 

The answer is This Sinchon’s Yeonsei road is closed for cars. It's the first Transit Mall (대중교통전용지구) in Seoul.

It's nice to stroll around this endless pedestrians-friendly shopping streets. Besides shopping stores, this street certainly not lack of yummy foods. These restaurants and cool cafes mostly on the second or third floor of the buildings. Do look up for them~!^^

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |      
That big red pipe looks like submarine periscope!

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |          Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
let's have a sight observation of Sinchon from here!

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
Wefie time! Smile~^^
It said that prices here are more competitive and cheaper to make it more affordable for students since this is university district. Therefore, it's one of the popular hanging places for students, youngsters and family.

 Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
My kids like Totoro, but I think it's one of the prizes and not for selling...

 Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |        Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street | 
Beautiful red brick Church.

Actually I wanted to take a look at Yonsei University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Korea. But we couldn't find it, but found..

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
 Lovely and cute mural 'Sinchon'.

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
was it painted on 25 May 2013? 

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
    The bubble man still performing there when we walked back.
But instead of big bubble, he used this want with net to create...

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
~~~gazillion bubbles~~~

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
~Bubbles bubbles please come to me~

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
OMG! I didn't know that the lady and the guy in blue jacket looking at me 
unbelievably as I was happily catching the bubbles flying around me!

And because of this awkward photo, my head suddenly playing Chen Tian Wen's Unbelievable Song. If you never listen before, please click on the above link for this catchy song and hilarious music video from a true blue uncle of Singapore! 

Then, I got this idea and edited some of the photos according to Unbelievable song lyrics while listening it from Youtube. :P

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
skin and cosmetics stores also mushrooming around Sinchon...

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
See! this Rilakkuma in-charge of dragging and pushing 
people to Tonymoly shop. I was one of the victims!

Ended up bought Timeless Placenta Toner and Emulsion as the salesgirl keep saying that it's a good product. They didn't advertise it, so customer can have a great discount,... I forgot the price, but she said normally it'll be double the price, but now I can get Toner + Emulsion for the price of one product (50% discount). I just bought it, so I can get out from the store.

I just started to use the toner about 2 weeks ago. Actually I'd no idea when to apply this emulsion, because I normally only apply toner and moisturizer after washed my face. So, not yet trying open it!

Again, he/she saw me standing there and tried to push me inside again! I quickly took out from my bag the products I purchased inside Tonymoly plastic bag. Heol~!!! 

Then I said I want to take a photo and the next second... Wow you're so good in posing Rilakkuma! Thanks and see you next time yah~! We're going for food hunting!

Sinchon Transit Mall shopping street |
   My naughty Rilakkuma you are 
un~un~un~un~un~unbelievable cute~^^

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Seodaemun Independence Park Historical Site

Seodaemun Independence Park Historical Site | by Meheartseol
Walked out from Seodaemun Prison History Museum, where we'd a glimpse of the darker side during the Japanese colonialism in Korea. In order to gain its own independence, a lot of independence activists and pro-democracy activists were imprisoned, brutally tortured, and many were killed after suffering inside this prison. (Vera Lee) 
 Independence Park (서대문독립공원) outside Dongnimmun Station.

Apart from red bricks Seodaemun Prison, a range of historic monuments and buildings are also located at this historical site:

1.  Yeongeunmun (영은문)

During Joseon Dynasty, this place is known as Yeongeun. It's where Qing Dynasty envoys were welcomed by the King on their annually visit to collect tribute on behalf of the Chinese Emperor. (Vera Lee)
   Two pillars remnants of Yeongeunmun (영은문)
in front of Dongnimmun Independence Gate.

2. Dongnimmun Independence Gate (독립문)

The Independence Club raised funds across the country for constructing Dongnimmun Gate. This Western-style monument was built symbolizes the ending of vassalage to China. (Vera Lee)
Dongnimmun was built to replace Yeongeunmun Gate. (Vera Lee)

Dongnimmun Independence Gate is designated as Historical Site No. 32. (Vera Lee) 
Dongnimmun was modeled the famous 'Arc de Triomphe' in Paris. (Vera Lee)
    On the top it is written ‘Dongnimmun’ in Korean with the national flag 
craved on each side. On the inner-left side there are stone stairs leading to the attic. (Vera Lee)
Dongnimmun is highlighting the entrance to Seodaemun 
Independence Park with modern squarish water features.

3.  Statue of Dr. Seo Jaepil (서재필).

You'll be greeted by statue of Korean independence activist Seo Jaepil standing at this Independence Park around Dongnimmun Gate. He's the founder of Independent Newspaper (독립신문), the first Korean newspaper in Hangul, breaking with the tradition of publishing in Chinese. (Vera Lee)
 Dr. Seo Jaepil holding Independent newspapers. (Vera Lee) 
As the Founder of Independence Club (독립협회)
he made great contributions to uplift people's spirit of 
independence to fight for Korean independence and 
support political reformation to promote civil rights.

4.  Declaration of Independence Monument (Vera Lee)
 At the opposite side of Seo Jaepil's statue is Declaration of Independence Monument. (Vera Lee)
 It would be best historical sites for educational for all the youths 
in other countries to learn about the unyielding 
patriotism that our forefathers have shown us.

5.  Independence Hall (독립관)

This Dongnipgwan Independence Hall was originally called Mohwagwan. The original building which was built in 1407 and used as Chinese envoys guesthouse.

Independence Club renovated this structure after the reform of 1894 (Gabo Gyeongjang). It's renamed to Independence Hall by Seo Jaepil and used it as association hall for their meetings and office works. (Vera Lee)
 Independence Hall was a symbol of Korea's spirit of anti-foreign 
encroachment and national independence toward the end of the Joseon period.

The present building was built by the Seoul City Government after demolished by Japanese. The construction was based on the original one-story building in a traditional Hanok style,but with the addition of an underground floor. (Vera Lee)
 Memorial tablets of Koreans who gave their lives fighting for 
March Fist Independence Movement were enshrined at the underground floor. (Vera Lee)
Seodaemun Independence Park is easily accessed from 
Dongnimmun Station (Line 3) Exit 4 or 5. 

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Suwon AK Plaza (AK 플라자 백화점)

Suwon Galbi is the most famous food in Suwon, but we skipped it because we need to rush back to Seoul. Since the bus stopped us in front of AK Plaza, we just went inside to grab something easy for a quick bite. (Vera Lee)
 AK Plaza shares building with Suwon Station. (Vera Lee)
 Wah~! love this giant Foodhall... they have a lot of sweet desserts. (Vera Lee)
Ok, let me order this crepe to satisfy my sweet tooth :P (Vera Lee)
Ah... so many selection... (Vera Lee)
 Will just get Choco Icecream + Tiramisu + Banana Crepe. (Vera Lee)
Waiting for them to prepare my crepe :) (Vera Lee)
Ah ha... there you go~! Nom Nom Nom...

I went outside the foodhall to eat the crepe as there's no space to sit there. After finished the yummy crepe, I went back inside to look for my husband. He was still taking his own sweet time eating a bowl of noodle.

Actually I was thinking to eat sherbet Popsicle, but afraid I'll feel hungry very soon. And after eating crepe, I still have some space in my tummy... (Vera Lee)
Colorful and fancy shape of popsicle from Ice Factory. (Vera Lee) 
Which one do you like? the heart-shaped with fruits? or chocolate bar?  
Hhhmmm... really hard to decide as all so tempting! (Vera Lee)
Finally get myself this cute 'Puppy's paw' popsicle - KRW3200. (Vera Lee)
Choco Icecream + Tiramisu + Banana Crepe + Sherbet = Sweet day! (Vera Lee)
Cafe de Matinee... (Vera Lee)
Ok, I know...  it's time to go back to Seoul. Let's go~! :P

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

[Singapore] - Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (치르치르)
Added another option to eat at Bedok Point now...
Chir Chir Korean Fusion Fried Chicken.
  Great that we don't need to queue here...
Ordered Garlicky Chicken, Nest Snow
and Berry Purple Tok Tok.
  Hehehe... sorry sorry! I forgot to eat 'no-selfie' pill. 
Non Alcoholic Cocktail - Berry Purple Tok Tok!

 Check this video how the pour purple soda to 
the jug to make this berry frizzy~~~!
 Next time will try with Alcohol when kiddos not joining us :P 
This Nest Snow Chicken (둥지스노우).

Ordering this because it's recommended and kiddos must love it because they like cheese. Blame me for not reading the menu properly. It's actually spicy cajun fried chicken. So, they'd to eat and bear the spiciness.

Chir Chir didn't serve any side dishes. Usually Pickled Radish (치킨무) is often serve as companion to Korean Fried Chicken. My two kiddos like it a lot, and it can at least to neutralized the spiciness and greasiness. Too bad they don't have it... 
 We're stunned like vegetable!!!
Un-un-un-unbelieaveable~~~ big portion of Garlicky Chicken 
(크리스피후라이드 간장)! 

When we ordered, the waitress told us that Nest Snow portion is for 2 person, so we added Garlicky Chicken. Now the problem... can we (2 adults + 2 kids) able to finish them?!

For me, I prefer Garlicky over Nest Snow as it's more crunchier. The slightly sweet and saltiness really tantalized your taste buds. I also ate the garlic cloves, and they're yummy too :P
However for kids, they still prefer Nene Chicken Snowing Cheese over Chir Chir and Bonchon Chicken.
Garlicky also a bit spicy for them... haiz!
 Can you see a cute 3 clawed pinset? It's quite useful to eat
garlicky chicken as it's not boneless.
 Total bill is $90.28 (average pax $22.57).
We bought $50 Cash Voucher from Groupon at $27.50, 
so we saved $22.50 for this meal~^^

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