Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Morning in Muju Deogyusan Ski Resort

Our tummies begging for food after one hour refreshing ourselves in hot tubs at St Hue Club jjimjilbang. (Vera Lee)
Grabbed some gimbap, bread and banana milk... (Vera Lee) 
from big convenience shop at Muju Festival Street. (Vera Lee)
After had our breakfast, we slowly stroll back to hotel
 to get our luggage and check out... (Vera Lee)
Muju Wine Gallery (Vera Lee)
Calm and chilly morning view from Kookmin Hotel. (Vera Lee)
skiing slopes blanketed with white snow~! (Vera Lee)
Welcome Center looks like European-style castle. (Vera Lee)
You have to Check-in and Check-Out here during off-peak seasons. (Vera Lee)
Super love the high ceiling with the big chandelier lighting
and still Christmas atmosphere although it's already Feb ^^ (Vera Lee)
Grand and good quality of wooden furniture
and long and big staircases... (Vera Lee)
 Weather Forecast at Receptionist Area.

But, were quite disappointed with Kookmin Hotel, as the room is really small and squeezy. We hardly have place to walk after laying 2 mattresses and our 2 luggage. 

The room with super simple desk, wardrobe, small TV and fan. Small bathroom with shower head and toilet bowl. No toiletries provided except for 2 towels and toilet rolls. Therefore, I didn't take any photo because it's totally different from the photo from their website.

The room is with ondol floor, but when you on the ondol it's so stuffy and I'd to wake up to turn on the fan... but still not helpful that I woke up again to slightly open the window to supply fresh air to the room.

I don't recommend this hotel... The plus points only the location inside Muju resort and easy online room reservation and they accept foreign credit card (most of the online booking only accept Korean credit cards or bank transfer).

But, frankly this is the worst room that we ever stayed in Korea. However, because we opted for Winter Wonderland package, we enjoyed some discounted rate for ski equipments rental, free ski lift and sauna.

Actually with the rate you can stay in Minbak or pension houses with nicer bigger rooms and more amenities. We saw few pension houses on the way from Muju bus terminal to resort, which you can consider if you're not going there for skiing. Or choose other hotels inside this resort with the package if you're going for winter activities, so you can save on rental of equipments and ski lift. (Vera Lee)
Hhhmmm... Reindeer and Santa's 'Sliegh' bus?!

We're waiting for the taxi outside the reception area, after we asked the receptionist to call the taxi driver that drove us here as he gave us his name card. (Vera Lee)
Let me drive you to Muju Winter Wonderland with this 
X'masie bus ^^ (Vera Lee)
하나... 둘... 셋... 김치~!^^ (Vera Lee) (Vera Lee)
 Let's check whether the taxi is here already? (Vera Lee)
 Leaving Muju Deogyusan Resort around 10:30 am. 안녕~!!!

Wish everyone a Happy New Year!
새해 복 많이 받으세요~!^^

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