Sunday, 18 September 2016

[Lombok] - Gili Kapal (Gili Pasir)

Gili Kapal is also known as Gili Pasir because this whole island is basically nothing enormous plot of white sand (pasir).

Gili Kapal (길리 카팔)

When we reached there, about 90% of the island
already carpeted with clear water.

It's important to check with the boatman to arrange
the right timing, else this island might be disappeared from your sight. 

I don't know how many football fields can fit in this island...
Hubby tried to walk to the end, but it's too far away~!

As you can see... I'm standing on the dry area and 
the sand area is up to dark blue area.

Our boat anchored at the deeper area,
though it's still quite shallow that you're able to walk.

 Wefie time!

 Sand and Sea and Sky and...

Seashells, stones and coral and coconut?!
 It's quite windy and nice to stroll here.

 We didn't snorkeling here.

 Busy to take photos and videos...

Behind Gili Kapal is Sumbawa Island.

Bye bye peek-a-boo island!