Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (동대문디자인플라자)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is one of the iconic landmarks of Seoul located at Dongdaemun, the popular tourist destination.

This futuristic and uniqely cool UFO-like design standout because
of the smooth circular curves instead of straight lines.
Kiddos and hubby were amazed standing infront of this marvellous building...

as if they just landed on another new planet out of the Earth.

 Though this was my second visit, but didn't really see it closely
because we came here for dinner with VIP Invitation Tour at nTable (n테이블).

Wanted to bring them to nTable too, because they like Shabu Shabu too...

Walked around and only found Design shop, exhibition spaces,
park on the roofs... but didn't know how to how to go to the restaurant!

 Seoul Seonggwak Fortress Wall (서울성곽)

Seonggak Fortress wall was built using individual stones and earth in 1396, five years after the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty and the ascension of its first ruler King Taejo. It's aimed to protect the city from enemy forces, marauders and control the passage of people. 

This 18km-long fortress wall linking the ridges of Bugaksan, Inwangsan, Namsan and Naksan mountains that surround the capital and 4 main gates (Heunginjimun, Donuimun, Sungyemun and Sukcheongmun) and 4 small gates (Honghwamun, Gwanghuimun, Changuimun and Sodeongmun). 

 In an excavation project, archaeoologists uncovered a section of
123m long Seoul Seonggwak Fortress Wall and sluice gate bridge.
It'd been burried underground, and some of them were restored
to their original state and transferred to thir current locations.

On top of that, they also found others relics including tiles, pottery, coins 
and iron artifacts which regarded as great source of knowledge about
lifestyle of Korean people during Joseon era.

 Overwhelmed by the beauty of  LED rose garden along the fortress wall.

Good news is the installation of  20,000 LED roses has been extended until 2020.

This exhibition was supposedly ended in Oct 2016.

I took so many photos at this LED Rose Garden, but had to leave because...

kiddos were out of batteries and need to be recharged the soonest before they burst!

There are many on-going activities, concerts, exhibitions,
group / field tour. For more information, please check their website.

Several shopping malls around DDP...

If you're wondering how I took bird's eye view photo of DDP...

It's taken from the Korean Chinese restaurant at Lotte Fittin.
(to be continued...)