Tuesday, 30 January 2018

[Pyeongchang] - Elf Pension Resort (숲속의 요정)

Elf Spa Resort Hotel is a Good-stay pension resort located at 3km away from Phoenix Park Resort where 2018 Winter Olympic will take place. 

Took taxi from Jangpyeong station and arriced at the
hotel around 10 o'clock.

 We booked a family room from Agoda for 2 nights for $190.00.

Our room was not ready because the check-in time is 3pm.

Judy, the receptionist was kind to switch to another room
 so we could check-in before she booked the taxi tour for us.

 Inner Map of Elf Spa Resort.


 While we busy for dinner arragemnet, kids were playing with 
Gucci, the little chiwawa and kept her warm because she's trembling.

We chose to have BBQ Pork B1 Set for our first night. 

 Spacious family room with kitchennete, terrace

There are quite a number of entertainments inside this resort for everyone from kids to adult to spend hours without steping out from the resort. 

Mini Zoo
 Zhi trying to read all the animals' names in Hangul.

Meet Pororo (포로로), the playful puppy and his friends...

 Lovely and cute Arongi & Darongi (아롱이 & 다롱이),
Rabbits Bunny (바니), Chickens Kkokko (꼬꼬) and Ducks Donald (도날드).
 Elf & Polly, the Alaskan Malamute.

Endless fun with snow tubing at kids park.

fish pond near the playground,

Ah ha... this is the only family photo!

hammocks and swings to relax,...

Outdoor swimming pool, but it's frozen.

 Love waterfall and lovelock fence.

You can rent sleigh and have fun now sliding down this 200m hill,
but we skipped this as the snow wasn't thick enough.

 There's Karaoke room and campfire too.

 Convenience store selling some food, snacks, drinks as well as
food to feed animals at mini zoo.

You can cook simple dish such as ramyeon or preheat cooked food using microwave at your room. They provided utensils, but you need to wash them after usage.

 Great that there's ATM Service as we ran out of cash.

Others facilities included Restaurant, Seminar and Business Room...

Kids cafe to keep younger kids busy with beans play, trampoline,
and others games in this safe and colorful environment.

Kiddos chose to hide in the cozy cafe because of minus degrees outside and they're a bit unwell...

We'd a quick date strolling around this fairytale-like resort.

Imagine myself as a queen waiting for the king at this beautiful castle.

 This big castle is perfect choice to accomodate big family or group.

Wood houses blend-in nicely with the castles. Pictureaque scenery!!!

The view was really fantastic because of white snow.

Hike up to secret path for lovers and build a snowman.

Such a memorable and romantic evening~!

We'd BBQ for the first night. They delivered our orders to our room
and helped us to set-up the fire...

We're all sick, maybe because too tired or having gastric flu because late lunch.
We didn't have appetite to eat and left a lot of BBQ meat.

We'd pumpkin porridge, patjuk, and we reheat 
leftover BBQ meat using microwave and
eat them with breads.

Asked for Nene Chicken as it's our favorite Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore.
Snow Cheese Fried Chicken with coke - KRW 20,000.

This resort was endorsed as 'Goodstay' by Korea Tourism Organization, which only
awarded to motels and inns that meet high standards of facilities and operations.

Fireworks at night

Would love to stay there again if got chance. We're really satisfied with the services, especially Judy who's so friendly and she speaks good English. You might want to consider this affordable, reliable and family-friendly accommodation if you're visiting Pyeongchang this winter.

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