Thursday, 1 March 2018

[Pyeongchang] - Uiyaji Wind Village (의야지 바람마을)

Pyeongchang is blessed with natural beautiful. Let's check out another must-visit spot which is very close to Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch.

Uiyaji Baram Maeul (Uiyaji Wind Village) is a mountain village situated on top of Daegwallyeong. It's the first village selected by Kora Rural Community to experience rural village in Korea.

 Enjoying beautiful sight of wind-mills and sheeps stretches along the way to Uiyaji.

Yaji means "the place where the righteous people live together."
 Maybe this village was named Wind Village because it's windy as
you can see the heavy wind turbine spin slowly...

It's really a great place for the whole family to get back to nature, play and hands-on on various programs or activities which may vary according to the season.

Some of the activities including making cheese, ice cream, pizza, soap, candle, feeding sheep, ATV ride, try various food including memil-mandu (buckwheat dumpling), ongsimi-kalguksu (handmade knife-cut noodles with sweet rice dough soup), gamja-jeon (potatoes pancakes), memil-kalguksu (buckwheat knife-cue noodles), sanchae-bibimbap (seasoned wild vegetables bibimbap).

 The taxi driver told us to join the activities since we just fed the sheep in Daegwallyeong. 

This class is suitable for kids because their using scientific method to make Ice Cream.

I forgot how much we paid for this, but you can check this link for the current rates and information of others activities from this link.

Fresh Samyang cow milk + Chocolate powder (top bowl)
with ice cubes + salt (lower bowl) + shake shake =  Chocolate Icecream!

  See those kiddos' eyes suddenly shinning when the milk turned to ice cream!

 They screamed for Ice cream and

opened their mouths as big as possible so they can put either
 mixer and spatula inside their mouths!!!

Happiness is when you can taste the labour of your hard work. 

Even the ice cream tastes sweeter and smoother and it's the best ice cream they ever tasted in their lifetime!

The teacher is quite funny and cheering the kids, she turned the class becamse entertaining place to have fun learning for kids. Trully worth a visit and have some wonderful experience.

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