Sunday, 18 March 2018

Breakfast at Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

Rainy day causing wormies in our tummies 
wiggling jiggling food!

Kids insisted to stop and eat Eomukgukwhen seeing food cart vendor
selling street food on our way to Gwangjang market for breakfast.

Bread toast for the gal who loves bread and egg!

Hot eomuk really comforting... but stopped ourselves for 1-2 sticks only

and shared a roll of gimbap only because we're going to have second round soon.
(No, you see it wrongly. We didn't stuffed the whole piece of gimbap in our mouths)

Can you feel lively, busy and colorful atmosphere in this market?

It's more crowded because previous time we went there too early.

Delectable smell came from hot smoking food was extremely tempting!

The food is calling us... can you hear them?
"I'm sweet!" "We're spicy!"
 We went in to Jongno Sikdang...

They served so many types of food such as patjuk, hobakjuk, dolsot bibimbap,
sundaegukbap, haemulpajeon, budaejjigae, and many more.

Busy Ahjumma  preparing the food...

Tada... mayak gimbap and side dish was served as soon as we ordered them. 

followed by bindaetteok pancake, jokbal, sundae,...

and lastly haemulpajeon.

We only finished 1/2 portion of haemuljeon, but cleared the rest without any traces of the food. We asked the ahjumma to pack the balance. She said to another ahjumma in Korean that our kiddos eat so well, seldom seeing people eat so clean. Lol!

Wah~! so many marinated seafood such as marinated raw crab
(간장게장 =ganjang gaejang), prawn, small crabs,...

Gwanjang market not only selling food... 

There are few stores selling traditional and modern Hanbok 
including the accessories here!

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