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[Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)

WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)| by Meheartseoul
Finally reached WannaBe Design Hotel from Jaman Mural Village by taxi. Located near to Deokjin Park, WannaBe is a stylish boutique hotel which is about 20-minute drive from Jeonju Hanok Village. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔). | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔) 
Supposedly, we checked-in here after we arrived from Seoul by bus,
then visit Deokjin Park (덕진공원) and Hanji Museum.

But, because kids wanted to play with Mint at Springtime Cafe, we ended up wandering in Hanok Village. It's around 6:00 pm and the sky was already dark when we stepped in the hotel. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
 Receptionist / Information Counter. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)

 Lobby with PC, Printer and Microwave. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
 최고의 시설 (Great Facility), 최상의 서비스 (Best Service),
칠절히 모시겠습니다 (Allow me to serve you)...

For breakfast and snacks, guests can head to Coffee Terrace at the ground floor of the hotel and help yourself with the toast breads or make a sandwich with ham, cheese and vegetables. Canned drinks such as coffee and energy drinks, bottled mineral water also free of charge. Too bad they didn't have banana milk as it's our favorite drink! ;P | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
 Daily Room Rate.

Breakdown of the charges for Premium Room (Room No: 905):
27 Nov 2015 (Friday) =  ₩80,000
28 Nov 2015 (Saturday) = ₩90,000
Additional charges =  ₩40,000 (for 2 nights)
(₩10,000 / person was charged as the accommodation is based on double occupancy).

Actually we wanted to stay in Suite on the first day, but suite not available on that day. Saturday rate for Suite is extra ₩30,000 from Friday or  ₩50,000 more from Monday to Thursday and Sunday. So, I didn't check whether it was available for Saturday. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔) | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
₩210,000 for 2 nights stay at Premium Twin Room.

Wannabe Hotel was quite flexible to let us use the room without need to check-out on the second day morning, and then check-in again at night. As far as I know, you need to check out  most of the boutique or love hotel as they can rent the room out before you check in again at night around 7pm - 10pm depending on which day. So, it's so convenient for us to just leave everything in the room. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔) 
Queen and Single beds.

Maybe next trip we need 2 queen-size bed realizing that kids are no longer small babies that can squeeze on the single bed. So, hubby got the single bed and three of us had the queen size bed. Not having a good sleep as I barely move and stucked there. Therefore, the next day switched the bed with my hubby, because he can sleep comfortably anywhere. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔) | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
The bed is comfortable and layered with adjustable warmer pad,
which is a very good thing for winter days.

Not only that, they also provided iPhone charger (black cable below the notepad) beside the antique phone. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Spacious room and fitted with wood timbre or laminating flooring. 

Although the design of the rooms look similar, but they're uniquely designed with different themes in every single rooms for customers to experience and discover.

Our room was eye-catching eccentric mustard yellow feature wall contrasting with grayish black wall and cobalt blue leather armchair. Clean and neat white bed sheet with black thread embroidery and overall interior designs make it looks stylish and high-class. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
 Inviting sitting area fix with coffee table and chair under the soft carpet.  
Flat screen TV with cable and satellite channels.

We'd love to explore other types of  rooms from Deluxe, Premium, Premium Twin and Suite next time because all the rooms are quite affordable especially on weekdays. Too bad we didn't have chance to stay at Duplex Suite. This room has it's own party room with Karaoke facilities. I think it's because youngsters rented it for fun partying with friends. Maybe it's the highest occupancy room especially on weekends. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Ensuite bathroom with Whirlpool tub with shower facility.
Enclose toilet separated from shower area were clean.

My kids' favorite corner because they love to have bubble bath
inside this changing color whirlpool. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Mostly all the love motel have the same toiletries pack with face mask,
toothbrush, makeup remover, ladies set, shaving cream, cleanser, and so on.

Not only that, they provided  hair dryer and straightener, hair spray and hair gel so that you can style your hair like you're just came out from hair salon.

Contact lens cleaning solution, air spray(?), Somang Coenzyme Q10 skin toner, emulsion,  hair brushes, comb, toothpaste were there too. Feel like you're using your own bathroom with almost everything there.

Shower gel and 2 types of shampoo and conditioner in big bottles which it's more than sufficient to use because it's not pathetic tiny travel-sized bottles that maybe barely enough for two person. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Frosted glass partition designed and suitable for romantic couple stay. 

But, it's kinda uncomfortable for us as kids were in the room. I'd to drag a chair so there's a place to put my clothes and towel as there's no railing or place to hang inside the bathroom. Couldn't even walk to basin as it's totally exposed from the bed. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Minibar with Maxim coffee, tea bags, and cold canned drinks inside mini fridge. 

27 inches couple high-end PC with internet connection. Not sure why all the motels I stayed provided two computers. But good to have as we use the USB ports to charge our handphones and cameras on top of multi plugs. 

 Hanbok photo collection on the wall ;P

I found this hotel from Yanolja, motel booking app in Korea. We didn't book from the app, because they didn't reply our enquiry. We went there only after KTO Jeonju assisted us to call them and confirm that the premium twin room was available. We're really satisfied with this hotel as it's affordable and totally worth the price. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
We didn't go back to Hanok Village, so hubby went to convenience store
nearby the hotel to buy instant cup noodles and dosirak for dinner. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔) | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)
Tasty BaSsak Bulgogi Dosirak (바싹 불고기 도시락) - ₩4,000
and Sirloin Donkatsu Dosirak 등심돈까스 도시락) - ₩4,500. | [Jeonju] - WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔)

Add: 전북 전주시 덕진구 덕진동2가 200-2
200-2 Deokjindong 2(i)-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju.