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[Buyeo] - Gudeurae Dolssambab (구드래돌쌈밥)

[Korea] - [Buyeo] - Gudeurae Dolssambab (구드래돌쌈밥) | by Meheartseoul
Ended our Baengmagang River cruise at Gudeurae Pier, and we're given an hour to enjoy our lunch before continuing the tour...

I asked the guide what's her recommended food, she said everything nearby there was delicious. It's hard for me to choose and due to the limited time. We followed her and bus driver as they're going to a restaurant serving Korean food...

Gudeurae Dolssambab (구드래돌쌈밥). 

 Special menu available with minimum order of 2 person.

The tour guide recommended and helped us order Bulgogi Dolssambab for 2 person and additional one hot stone bowl of rice.

This restaurant has two halls and adopting old Korean-style 
dining on the low table and customers sit on the floor with a cushion.

Wanted to go around and take some pictures while waiting for the food, but restricted movements because it's so crowded with all the tables occupied.

Numerous strands of bygones eras found in this restaurant.

Antique objects such as kerosene oil lamps, piano, abacus, movie posters,  
old photos and books, pots, jars charmed the interior of this restaurant
and bring the traces of years to present.
Our friendly tour guide and nice bus driver.

We waited for a while for the food and our guide requested them to serve it faster because we'll join the tour after lunch. 

Bulgogi Hot Stone Rice (불고기돌쌈밥) - ₩30,000 for 2 person.

Feel hungrier seeing a big pan of meat top with cabbage, green vegetables, carrot, enoki mushroom.  Inpatient to wait until it cooked...

Happy to see various side dishes. Let me eat this first while waiting...

Soybean paste stew (된장찌개 / Doenjang-jjigae).

Organic fresh vegetables for ssam.

Rice cooked in stone pot (dolsot) with pumpkin, sweet potato, grains, 
beans and nuts. Not only looks delicious but it's healthy diet full of nutrition!

Our table quickly covered with big and small plates, bowls.

Our caring tour guide asked the staff to put the rice on the floor and put the stove on our side instead of middle because they're hot.

 Once the bulgogi cooked, you can eat it Korean style
by wrapping it with fresh vegetable and side dishes.

  Suddenly, our bus driver walked to us and asked the guide 
to make scorched rice tea (숭늉 / Sungnyung) 
by pouring barley tea to the hot stone pot. 

Tadaaa... we got additional free drink :)

Actually, I think this is a great idea because you're not wasting the rice, and also easier to wash the bowl without hardening rice sticking there.

Not sure whether if pour the soup instead of water or tea also called Sungnyung...

If yes, I do it everyday when dining at home although not on the stone bowl. I just pour the soup on the rice in a plate and top it with all the dishes. Well, maybe some people will see it's disgusting because everything mixed together... But, I just want kids not to be picky and have to finish everything on their plates whether they like it or not. One of my friend always teased me that theydon't need to wash the plate because it's as clean as new one. LOL!

Lunch for 4 person only ₩38,000.

It's really worth the price, especially we had healthy bulgogi dolssambab, enjoyed rice tea and had such pleasant meal time while learning something interesting.

Not realised that I walked off the restaurant with black apron.
Omo... do I look like Cass beer promoter?!

My blur hubby also didn't notice it when snapping these photos
until a person told me that. Aigoo so embarrassing yo!

Our bus waiting for us at parking lot near Sun Mart.

Shops and restaurants near Sculpture Park (구드래조각공원).

 Nice wooden house restaurant...

Let's take a photo before here before going to the bus.

 Kids spotted 2 Snowmen and...

beautiful flowers blooming in winter.
Video on how to make the rice tea start from 0:33.

Do make sure to try healthy Dolssambap, the representative foods of Baekje Kingdom if you're visiting Buyeo. 

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