Saturday, 31 December 2016

[Buyeo] - Baekhwajeong Pavilion & Nakhwaam Rock

Our tour guide led us to this beautiful Korean traditional pavilion sitting on top of the hill at almost the end of northern of Busosanseong Fortress

Baekhwajeong Pavilion (백화정).

 This hexagonal pavilion was built in 1929. 

The construction of this pavilion was suggested by Magistrate of Buyeo and supported by poetry society called Bupungsisa to commemorate the story of the famous rock Nakhwaam.

 The name 'Baekhwa' was derived from a poem'Ganggeumsusa Baekwasu' 
composed by a Chinese Poet Su Dongpo.
 Although I didn't climb there to see the scenic surrounding.
You can see beautiful landscape and Baengmagang river that
flows around Buyeo from the cliff just below the pavilion.  

Family photo captured by our tour guide.

The guide told us the story behind this pavilion,
and we're moving to see the rock...

which is just 100 m from this pavilion.

 Nakwaam 'Falling Flower' Rock (낙화암).

How can this beautiful and peaceful spot had such a tragic history ㅠㅠ
According to Samguk Yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms)...

In 660, the southeastern kingdom of Silla (capital in Gyeongju) determined to end the warfare of Three Kingdoms Period. Silla and its ally, Tang China, launched a two-pronged invasion of Baekje.

The allied force, led by legendary Silla commander Kim Yu-sin and 
great Chinese general Su Dingfang defeated Baekje’s army which led by
the heroic General Gyebaek at the Battle of Hwangsanbeol had to
siege to the royal capital of Sabi (modern Buyeo).

 Although King Uija and the crown prince managed to escape
to Ungjin (modern Gongju), but the court ladies took
protection of this Busosanseong Fortress. 

 There was nothing they could do and the fortress fell...

 However, rather than surrender themselves to the Silla and Chinese troops, 
these 3,000 court ladies plunged themselves from this cliff.

 Their fluttering robes resembling falling flower petals as
they crashed into the waves of this Baengma River.

This rock symbolizes the loyalty of Baekje women.

Oh dear... my gal's shoes got a bit problem, 
the sole detached almost half of the boots.

Spectacular scenery with fabulous foliage.