Thursday, 22 January 2015

[WAH! Korea Club] - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Camera

I've been a member of WAH! Korea Club under the Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore Office) since 2013. 

There are so many benefits and privileges for joining the club. I'd attended cooking classes such as  Pajeon, Bibimbap, Jjajangbap, Japchae, Kkakdugi and also cooking demonstration including tasting delicious and healthy food and desserts at Korean Ginseng Festival. Korean Language classes also available and free of charge. The classes were so engaging and conducive with native Korean Teacher.
To me, actually WAH! Korea Club is always very generous and supporting all Korean lovers in Singapore. They even rewarded the members with Loyalty Points.

SN Activity Point(s) Remarks
1 Share a Facebook post by KTO Singapore on your wall (culture, tourism, hallyu, etc) 1 Once shared, send us an email to with a screenshot of the shared post on your wall and we will verify the application.
2 Write a blog post or Facebook Note promoting Korea as a tourism destination (for example, your recent Korea trip) 30-50 -Posts must be at least 500 words long and contains a minimum of five (5) original photographs.

-Once post has been created, send the link with a screenshot of the post.

-Number of points awarded will be based on the originality, creativity, length and content of the post, visitorship, maintenance & consistency of blog, level of interaction.

-Note that these posts may be shared on KTO’s promotional channels.
3 Patronizing WAH! Korea Club Supporting Shops 10 Take a picture of the official receipt and email it to with the heading: Application for points – WAH! Supporter Shop (Receipt).
4 Planning and executing either self-initiated or collaboration projects with KTO within Korea Plaza or on external sites.
(Events can be exclusive to Wah! Members or open to all members of the public.)
80-150 -Event Proposal to be submitted to KTO, through either walk-in submission to Korea Plaza or email to for approval.

-Once approved, event result is to be evaluated by KTO together with a post-event report.

-Each event committee member will be awarded equal number of points.

-Students under the Wah! Student Outreach Program and Wah! Envoy Program are automatically entered under this activity.

I started blogging after my first visit to Korea just to share my unforgettable and fun experiences there. Didn't know that just by sharing it, I collected enough points and rewarded with Samsung Digital Camera.

 WAH & WOW!!!

 Samsung Smart Camera WB800F
oh... included Micro SD Card and Camera Pouch too!
 And what's that black box?

This elegant box is the replica of lacquer tray with inlaid 
Mother of Pearl Peony Decor. 
Free stretching vines on empty spaces are a trend of the early
Joseon Dynasty on the lacquerware.

Inside the box are these two hardcover books:
Story of Korea and View of Korea

Received this prize just before our 3rd trip to Korea...
 We have additional camera to capture more photos
and video during our trip~!

Then, sharing these photos and videos of beautiful Korea in Winter... and didn't expect to receive anything because the page didn't stated that there will be any rewards, but you can easily check the accumulated points with your membership number and email from WAH! Korea Club.

And somehow after I emailed the links in July, I didn't received any replied email on points update. I thought it's discontinued and I didn't email the links anymore. But, suddenly early this year, they emailed me on the updated points. Therefore, I sent other links too...

But instead of points updated, I received email with subject:
[WAH! Korea Club] 2014 Points Accumulation Prize Collection

Extremely happy... It's like out of the blue I won myself Samsung Tab 4~!!! My daughter congratulated me, but when my son heard about it... he told me not to be disappointed if I go there and actually it's a spammed mail. What?! Aissh~ that boy!!!

The next day I went to collect the prize!

 Boy~ see! It's really Samsung Galaxy Tab 4!!! ^^

Isn't it cool... I bought this casing with keyboard
and WAH! Korea Club giving out free tickets
to preview movie "Gangnam 1970" starring
Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won.
Will go to watch it for sure! ^^

Again, thank you for these generous prizes to us~!!!^^ Love you much!