Friday, 29 January 2016

Visit Korea Special VIP Tour [Day 4-2]

Without further ado, 5 of us rushed out from IFC Mall to KBS as we only had about an hour to gather again for lunch and leaving Yeouido to Incheon airport.

Yeouido Park (여의도공원) | 
 Yeouido Park (여의도공원).

From the above map, Yeouido Park is connected to Hangang Park. You just need to turn right and walk all the way to exit 9. Actually I've been here not once but twice...

 Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도 한강공원) |
 Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도 한강공원).
 Manually stitched these 5 photos to make create panoramic view.

Hangang River Ferry Tour |
 First visit in Jun 2012, we missed the ferry by few minutes
as we couldn't located the ticket counter. ㅠㅠ

Jarasum Island in Gapyeong (near Nami Island), Dongdaemun and Itaewon |
 We decided to skip it as thhe next departure time was quite late.

It's tiring after came back from Jarasum Island in Gapyeong (near Nami Island), and shopping for the whole afternoon at Dongdaemun and Itaewon.

food delivery service in Korea (음식배달) |
We got so many flyers from food delivery service 
(음식배달) from Pizza, Fried Chicken and
Chinese Food while we're strolling.

However, we couldn't order it although we asked that person to order for us, but seemed that it's hard as we didn't have local mobile number. At the end, we just grab burgers from Loteria and munching it facing Han river. There were a lot of family, friends spending their time in the evening and also lovey dovey couples dating there too.

Yeouido Hangang River Park |
 Second visit was on 9 Sep 2013...

Hangang River Ferry Tour |
On board Hangang River Ferry to celebrate my birthday.
(Click the above link to reserve ticket at discounted price)~^^

Totally mesmerized by beautiful riverside scenery while cruising from Yeouido Hangang Park. It's so dreamy to see dramatic Rainbow Fountain at Banpo Bridge, unobstructed night skyline view of N Seoul Tower, 63 City Building and skyscrapers from far.

sports area for jogging, cycling,  in-line skating, Yeouido park also providing areas for relaxation | 
 Let me think... have I ever walked in the park in Seoul?

I think never... For Hangang Park, I strolled along the riverside not inside the park. We went there in the evening and couldn't see the park, so it's not counted.

Cultural Event Plaza |  plane in the middle of Yeouido Cultural Event Plaza |
Cultural Event Plaza is commodious open space in which
all citizens can participate if there is cultural events and performances.

IFC buildings and office towers. |
IFC buildings and office towers.

The above photo taken from Cultural Event Plaza or you can check this video to see the surrounding of the square with 50m flag pole and basketball courts (0:20 & 0:58).

Yeouido is a popular place during spring |
 Besides functioning as sports area for jogging, cycling,  in-line skating,
this park also providing areas for relaxation.

Annual cherry blossom festival in Yeouido |
Do you know that Yeouido is a popular place during spring? 

It's because Annual cherry blossom festival is held here and you won't get wrong if you want to see cherry blossom.

canopy of around 1500 cherry trees |
I also wish to stroll under canopy of around 1500 cherry trees,
but it's late autumn and all that I can see is...

National Assembly, autumn foliage and blue sky |
contrast colors of National Assembly, autumn foliage and blue sky.

Yeouido Park is located in between IFC and National Assembly. You just need to cut cross the Cultural Event Plaza and go to exit 6. But, we're only use this exit to take some photos before going to KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).

To be continued... stay tuned~!^^

This trip is made possible by VisitKorea organised by Korea  Tourism Organization.