Sunday, 23 June 2013

Minecraft Pixel Art [PSY - Gangnam Style, Mario & 1 up Mushroom]


Let me introduce my 2 kiddos to you...

Name: Cheerry Chai Xuan Ying
Nicknames: Xiao Mo gu (Mushroom = 蘑菇) or Xiao bi zi (Little Nose = 小鼻子)
Age: 10 years old
School: Maha Bodhi School (P4)
 Minecraft's Name: DragonSteve142

Name: Chai Hao Zhi.
Nickname: Handsome "Sesame" (for his tiny eyes)
Age: 8 years old 
School: Maha Bodhi School (P2)
 Minecraft's Name: DragonSteve142

They're kinda busy now, as it's June School Holiday. They are so busy that if you don't remind or scream them to stop playing... they can forget to eat and bath! Headache, right?!

Their favourite game is Minecraft. For school holiday, everyday they play it for around 5-6 hours. Besides playing MC, thhey also like to watch something related to Minecraft and Korean variety show "Running Man" from Youtube.

They do record and post some videos about Minecraft in Youtube too. Here are the recent videos on Pixel Art:

PSY - Horse Riding Pose (done by Cheerry)

Mario & 1up Mush"room" (done by Hao Zhi)

Please check here for more videos: