Monday, 20 April 2015

Suwon AK Plaza (AK 플라자 백화점)

Suwon Galbi is the most famous food in Suwon, but we skipped it because we need to rush back to Seoul. Since the bus stopped us in front of AK Plaza, we just went inside to grab something easy for a quick bite. (Vera Lee)
 AK Plaza shares building with Suwon Station. (Vera Lee)
 Wah~! love this giant Foodhall... they have a lot of sweet desserts. (Vera Lee)
Ok, let me order this crepe to satisfy my sweet tooth :P (Vera Lee)
Ah... so many selection... (Vera Lee)
 Will just get Choco Icecream + Tiramisu + Banana Crepe. (Vera Lee)
Waiting for them to prepare my crepe :) (Vera Lee)
Ah ha... there you go~! Nom Nom Nom...

I went outside the foodhall to eat the crepe as there's no space to sit there. After finished the yummy crepe, I went back inside to look for my husband. He was still taking his own sweet time eating a bowl of noodle.

Actually I was thinking to eat sherbet Popsicle, but afraid I'll feel hungry very soon. And after eating crepe, I still have some space in my tummy... (Vera Lee)
Colorful and fancy shape of popsicle from Ice Factory. (Vera Lee) 
Which one do you like? the heart-shaped with fruits? or chocolate bar?  
Hhhmmm... really hard to decide as all so tempting! (Vera Lee)
Finally get myself this cute 'Puppy's paw' popsicle - KRW3200. (Vera Lee)
Choco Icecream + Tiramisu + Banana Crepe + Sherbet = Sweet day! (Vera Lee)
Cafe de Matinee... (Vera Lee)
Ok, I know...  it's time to go back to Seoul. Let's go~! :P

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