Tuesday, 28 May 2013

K-Pop dance, K-drama, Kimchi,...?

You know what?

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was established in 1962, is a statutory organization under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is commissioned to promote the South Korean tourism industry.
Just take a look at their website... I was really amazed when I browsed for the first time. They seriously do put effort on it. They're providing information in 13 languages!!! They also have 7 Korea Plazas that operated in 6 countries including Singapore.
click on image for information on Korea Plaza Services and programs

click on image for June 201 Activities Schedule

Classes are organised to introduce Korean culture and tradition... I attended basic Korean language (Survival Korean I & II, Easy Korean for Travellers), Hairstyle & Makeup Workshop, and cooking classes (Kimchi making, Hotteok, Haemul Pajeon, JjajangBap, Bibimbap, Japchae, Kakkdugi, Bibim Cold Noddle & Ginseng Chiken Demonstration class) since 2011.

If you're interested, please register it the soonest possible to avoid dissappointment... most of the time it's full attendance.

Bibimbap class - 21 Dec 2011
(photo: KTO SG)

K-Pop dance seems quite fun and interesting too, but it's definetely not for me. "Aaigoo~ aiiigoo!!!" can you hear my bones screaming? Ok, Ok... I understand, my dearest bones. I won't go, else you'll KRACCKK-POP, right? LOL

Korea Plaza SG's dance session
(photo: KTO SG)

Actually I wanted to attend Travel workshop, but the date crash with my schedule... so maybe will attend it in July.

Most of the classes are free of charges, or just a small fee to cover the cost of ingredients and utensils about $5.00 for some of cooking classes. You know?! They emailed and asked me to drop by Korea Plaza, as  to show of appreciation, we are giving out souvenirs to all participants in our previous classes.

I think it's so true that Korea is apply this concept “Customer is the King" and they like to give away free things called “service” (서비스 = seobiseu) and make their customers happy ^^ 

 I received this mini glowing speaker with KTO logo.
Actually I received 2 items, but what was that? Sorry... I really can't recall it now.
Thank you, KTO!

아싸~~! Woohoo~~!!!
my fusion pajeon recipe won a consolation prize for Recipe sharing contest

and here are the gifts...
lovely Korean style apron and utensil set ^^
Love love love them so much!

That's all? No... not yet! I know this is long enough, but I must tell you that they are really very customer service oriented... they replied all my emails with lots of questions, provide more details information and give some suggestion on my previous trip to Korea...

Oh yeah... K-drama DVDs are available for rental too. You just need to pay deposit which it'll be fully refunded when you return back the DVD in good condition.

Hanbok trying after makeup workshop

nice photos taken by KTO's staff

Hana, dul, set... Kimchi ^^