Saturday, 5 November 2016

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Filming Spots

Visit Korea VIP Special Invitation Tour | by Meheartseoul
Sageuk drama, "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" (구르미 그린 달빛) successfully seducing the world. I knew you're also mesmerised by Park Bo-gum and impatiently going to visit him and filming sites with ancient Korea settings.

"Even I closed my eyes, but I see you. Do you know how much I miss you? 눈을 감아도 그대가 보이네요, 그리워 하는 이 맘 그랜 아나요~?"

Something sparking my mind to do another action when writing this post and the background music playing Misty Road (안갯길), OST of this drama.

Really want to book a ticket and fly there now, but my feet were tied at war zone. Been busy selecting lights, furniture and bathrooms accessories, kitchen utensils from Taobao and EZBuy. Started to sort and clear out unused items which most or forgotten their existence as they lost in the black hole for hundred to thousand days. We need move house in 3 weeks, but now everything is just not here and not there!

Sadly, I had to reject my friend's offer to accompany my friend and her family to go to Korea during Christmas because the renovation will start in Dec and ended in January next year. She wants to explore magnificent and beautiful rural Korea rather than joining tour. So, only assisted her to plan rough itinerary. and referred her to contact Hana Tour agency in Korea, as they're the one in-charged of Visit Korea VIP Invitation Tour last November.

Listed here are few shooting locations where major scenes where Crown Prince Lee Young, Kim Yoo-jung (as Hong Ra-on), Jinyoung (as Kim Yoon-sung) and Kwak Dong-yeon (as Kim Byung-yeon) taken place:

This Shrine is one of the main historical sites in Jeonju, where erected in 1410 and holds the portrait of King Tae-jo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty.

Not only this drama, movie such as 'Masquerade', 'My Way', and drama 'Painter of the Wind' also has featured part of this shrine's ground.

  Charming lush bamboo grove.  

Hong Sam Nom (Eunuch Ra-on) attempted to run away from the palace.
Unlucky as she was stopped by Silver Spoon (Crown Prince) who was
happy to meet her again after Ra-on left him in the pit.
"반갑다 멍멍아~! Nice to meet you, MongMonga (Puppy)~!^^

 and other scene...

Master Jung Deok-ho quickly disappeared after heard the voice of princess Myung Eun.

Injured Ra-on carried by his eunuch buddies...

They're coming from bamboo grove to Jeonju Sago.

 Prince Lee Yeong punished Ra-on with a kiss for disobeying him
below this building that storing copy of The Annals of Joseon Dynasty.


 Myeongnyundang Lecture Hall.

This building appears quite frequent as it serves as Ra-on’s and Kim Byung-yeon's
residence in this drama. It's also where Kim Yoon-sung and Crown Prince
spent many happy moments when they're young.

Ra-on offers a chicken leg to the Crown Prince at this yard before the hall.

 This scene is also at Jeonju Hyanggo between the ginkgo trees.

But in these photos, you only can see bald trees as
we went there during winter.

 Crown Prince supervising the dancers while Ra-on busy documented the dance moves.

 These 2 scenes were outside Daeseongjeon (대성전 / 大成殿) Confucian Shrine hall.
They just changed the buildings names for the drama.

 This location is between Daeseongjeon and the inner gate...

일월문 (日月門) gate can be seen from Manhwaru Pavilion (main gate)
or you can see from the video below 3:15 and 3:55.


Yoon-sung suggested Ra-on to rest below the tree. It's one of the pine trees 
located at the pine forest facing Munseonggongmyo which is near to
Gyeongryeomjeong Pavilion outside Sosu Museum.

Yeongju Sosuseowon Confucian Academy 영주 소수서원 |
 You can clearly see these giwa roofs of Jirakjae (지락재) and Hakgujae (학구재),
 Historical Museum and Jangseogak Library at the backdrop.


'Boombastic' teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Cheeky Crown Prince (Park Bo-gum) cheesely dancing with Eunuch Jang 
while the royal guards and royal maid watching him unbelieveably.

Even in the above photos, some visitors of Haenggung Palace (화성행궁) 
was being entertained and sitting in front of the courtyard of  Bongsudang Hall.

 Bongsudang Hall, appears as the living quarters of the Crown Prince. Eunuch Jang 
introduces the building to Ra-on as “the palace of the Crown Prince.
In episode three, Ra-on kneeling before being slapped by Queen Kim. (Source)


Saving these others filming locations of this darma in my bucket lists so I can visit them next visit. Please click the link for the photo source and more information.

We took Korail themed S-Train from Busan to Southern region, and  the train has a  short stopover at Hadong and Suncheon stations.

[Korail S-train] - Bukcheon Cosmos, Hadong, Suncheon and Deungnyang | 
Sadly, we didn't have time to  visit  Hadong’s House of Choi Champan (photo on the right).
It is recommended place as it's known as the setting of the famous novel ‘Toji’ (‘The Land’).
It serves as House of Prime Minister Kim Heon, where it's the venue for 
a celebratory feast for the pregnancy of Queen Kim...

and when Ra-on slips from the roof chasing after a chicken.

We just stopped at Suncheon, but didn't go to 
because we'd to continue our trip to Jeonju by normal train. 
 Ra-on loses her balance and fell into the pond.
Crown Prince jumps in the palace pond to save her.

 This pavilion and pond located at Gwanghalluwon Garden in Namwon.

Gudeurae Sculpture Park (구드래조각공원).

[Buyeo] - Goransa Temple (고란사) and Baengmagang River Tour (백마강 유람선)

This park is just beside Gudeurae Pier (구드래 나루터).

You can take the ferry along  Baengmagang River to Goransa Temple at  Buso mountain where the  Busosanseong Fortress is located. 

Check this link if you want to have famous local speciality
 Bulgogi Dolssambab or visit Buyeo National Treasure Five-Story Pagoda.

I thought the ending scene filming location was at Bukcheon not Buyeo,
 because I remember the view of the above picture. 

Normally I searched Visit Korea website to get information and attraction places before deciding where to visit, so in my mind this cosmos field scene was familiar because I did check Bukcheon as S-train also stopping at this station. 

Now only can close my eyes and see myself wearing Hanbok and stroll around this beautiful field full of cute cosmos blossoms. Shades of pink and white blending with blue sky with floating cottony white clouds. Past the misty road if you're looking for me...