Thursday, 8 October 2015

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach

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Mawun is another stunning beach just 20 minutes drive from Selong Belanak Beach

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
  I personally think these two beaches look quite similar with 
crescent shaped and laid-back landscape,...

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Amazing view with white sandy beach. But, sand here not as fine as Selong Belanak.
Maybe like coarse sugar vs powdery flour?

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Am I in my dream? Totally mesmerized by those white fluffy clouds
floating across the blue sky, and...

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach | 
gorgeous crystal clear light cobalt  water.

 [Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Why not strolling at the shoreline and

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |   [Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
let the playful waves hit your feet.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Nice place to spend an hour to unwind, but I still prefer Selong Belanak.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Slightly disturbed by the peddlers selling coconut, pineapple, t-shirt, 
sarong, bracelets,... from the moment I stepped out from the car.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
 They were quite aggressive though I politely rejected them in Bahasa Indonesia.

Actually, I bought a bracelet from a young boy when I took photos of Kuta beach outside the restaurant. I pitied him as I think he's only 8-10 years old. Then, after finished our lunch, another girl also came to us and asking for money when I told her that I'd bought earlier.

Why local government not doing anything? It's better to set stalls for them. Tourists will definitely buy if they want or need. Pestering or force selling will only annoyed tourists, where they come to enjoy and relax. 
[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |   [Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
 Nice to sit down and enjoy the scenery and sea breeze, but

Sad to see those empty coconut shells, plastics and
rubbish were just laying on the beach.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Hope that these rubbish not washed away by the waves
when it's high tide and polluted the waters.

Frankly speaking, I don't really blame foreign tourists. Most of them from developed countries and  don't have habit for littering. Beach-lovers especially, they love nature and would love to see clean beach every time they visit.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
 Please keep Mawun Beach clean...

Most of the beaches in Indonesia have the same fate because local government and residents just don't really care. They charged for entrance, parking, loungers, toilets, and everything.

I don't think it's hard to put at least rubbish or recycle bins if they don't want to collect those shells? They don't have long term thinking. They're the one who lose when tourists not visiting anymore when they found out that it's dirty. That's also means no income for them... Sigh!

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |   [Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
We did take back our water bottles and trashes.

[Lombok] - Mawun Beach |   [Lombok] - Mawun Beach |
Will you help to do the same for the sake of our children and grand children?

Mawun Beach - a piece of heaven on earth |   Mawun Beach - a piece of heaven on earth |
Don't you agree that they love to see a piece of heaven on earth too?

   [Lombok] - Mawun Beach | 
 I know you will~! ^^

[Lombok] - Lombok Mawun Beach (롬복 마운 비치) |
Horraay~! Thanks a lot!!!

Wish you're here Lombok Mawun Beach (롬복 마운 비치) |
Wish you're here @Lombok Mawun Beach (롬복 마운 비치)