Friday, 22 June 2018

[Changwon] - Find my Name at SangSang-Gil (상상길)

Our highlight for this trip was to chase Cherry Blossom, so we had to visit Changwon by 10 April 2018 before the festival ended. We rushed there by KTX train on our second day. Although it's not the cheapest way, but it only took 3 hours instead of 4 hours by bus (KRW 36,000).

KTX from Seoul to Masan KRW 53,300.

It's cheaper to purchase Korail Pass (Saver) - KRW 91,000.

2 day / 4 day is flexible pass, not consecutive days.
We used it for a ticket back from Suncheon to Seoul KRW 44,300.

 Alighted at Changwon, one station before Masan.

My second reason to visit Changwon was to find my engraved name,
which  I participated in a campaign 'Write your name in Korea.'

As you can take unlimited train rides, we initially planned to go Tourist Information at Changwon to get complimentary city tour ticket and leave our luggage there, then take KTX to Hadong and visit Gwangyang Maehwa Village (광양 매화마을).

However, it's still early and worried that tourist information not yet open, we dropped our luggage at the hotel first.

Singapore flag with greetings in 4 official languages
(English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil).

The taxi driver dropped us off at the small alley, and we'd to walk a bit until we saw the colourful floor full of names!!! 

There are 23,000 colorful name plates of engraved names of foreigners and 
Korean celebrities such as Jeon Ji-hyeon, f(x)’s Krystal Jung, 4Minute, Kara 
and other popular Korean stars paved on 155 meter long street.
Doesn't it look like a gigantic periodic table?
Good that periodic table doesn't have 23,000 elements~! ;P

Didn't visit Changwon on our previous trip in 2015 due to time constraints.
Finally, we were able to make it this time round!

Donning a billowy Hanbok, I imagine myself strolling down
Sang Sang Gil Imaginary Street as a superstar towards
their name on Walk of Fame to sign or hand-print on it.

 Ah ha~! Here is my name... Vera Lee~^^

 Actually, my hubby's name also engraved there, but we only realised it
after we went back to the hotel at night. 

It was early in the morning, and only a few shops were open.
My hubby spent KRW 5,000 for catcher game machine, but didn't win anything. LOL!!!

 Changdong Art Village...

Is this Buljonggeori Road, where a huge bronze
 Buddhist temple bell sculpture is located?