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September in Seoul - Bukchon Hanok Village [Day 7] (Vera Lee)
 Ma Love in the Land of Morning Calm
Places that we visited in Korea (09.09.2013 - 15.09.2013)
On our last day in Seoul, we tried to relax and slow down to appreciate the moment in Seoul. Because after tonight, everything will back to normal life with endless things for us to rush. So, we planned to just have light itinerary in Seoul. But then, we got some problem with our luggage, as supposedly, we can leave our luggage in Capt. Ryan's Nest, but he said there'll be another guest coming in, so for the conveniences of everyone, we thought to just put them in the lockers at Seoul subway station, since we'll be taking Arex from there to Incheon Airport. However, those big lockers were all occupied...
Where to store your luggage?
1. Subway paid lockers
I love this facilities so much. You know... I'm the person that can go out just with my HP and credit card, because I hate to carry anything especially if it's heavy. And, another reason is I'm a forgetful person, that few times I left my purse, bag and other things.

In Korea, you can easily find lockers almost in every subway stations, nearby the entrance of  tourist attractions and departmental stores with various sizes (small, medium and large). Some places even provided free lockers, or you need to pay the deposit but it'll be refunded after usage.

Interesting! I just found out that these subway lockers also provide diverse services including shipping and receiving, express delivery, and laundry. Please check this link on how to use the locker machine and the payment method available.

2. Premium Travel Center - Seoul Station
You can leave your baggage, clothing and products at baggage storage service available at Premium Travel Centre located at Seoul Station:
Premium Travel Center B2F,
Seoul Station City Airport-Terminal,
378 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu,
Tel: +82 2 392 3545  
Hours of operation : 08:00 to 20:00
Rate: Small - 3,000 Won / Medium - 5,000 Won / Large - 7,000 Won / X-Large - 10,000 Won (per Item included Tax).
Premium Travel Center also provided other services such as:
*  Porter services
*  Tour Information / Travel service
*  Business Center
*  Meet & Greet service
*  Conference room Reservation
*  SIM Card & WI-FI Rental service
Yes, we bought our EG Sim Card from this Premium Travel Center on our first day in Seoul after gave up searching for Pocket Wifi.

After freed our hands from those big and heavy luggage, we went to Korail Arex Ticket Counter just opposite Premium Travel Center to buy ticket to Incheon Airport at discounted price. Korail just announced a one-year extension until 31 Dec 2014 on its discount fare of 8,000 won instead of the standard 14,500 won.

we supposed to go to Namdaemun market for breakfast, but...

meheartseoul Kids insisted to have Dunkin Donut, as they were hungry...
Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)
Bukchon literally means North Village, was the hometown of yangban and scholars during Joseon Dynasty. Hundreds of beautiful traditional Hanok house will capture your attention and your heart just located between Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung and Jongmyo Shrine.

Signage for directions around Bukchon
You can find experience interactive programs related to traditional culture such as tea ceremony, arts and crafts, Museum of Korean Embroidery and Museum of Korean Traditional Knots are located inside these charming alleys in Bukchon Village. Check BnBHero's website if you wish to stay in Hanok Guesthouse.
Hanok Gallery
Donglim Knot Workshop.

Maybe because we were there early in the Sunday morning, Museums, Arts and Crafts Workshops and Cultural Centre and Galleries were still closed...

you can find unique galleries, cafes and eateries too

We saw quite a lot of local Korean strolling along Bukchon "8 Photo Spots". It's nice to explore these small alleys surrounded with vintage hanok and endless pleasant surprises with beautiful and cozy atmosphere to reminisce the old Seoul.
Bukchon 3rd Spot: Gahoe-dong Museum Lane

Bukchon Observatory
22-3, 11 Da-Gil Bukchon-ro, Jongro-Gu

From Observatory, you can have a wonderful view of entire
31 Gahoe-dong area, Mount Bugaksan and Namsan Tower too.


Bukchon 4th View: Gahoe-dong Alley
The most beautiful place in Bukchon...

the sea of hanok tiled roof is truly a sight to behold...

Bukchon 5th Spot: Gahoe-dong Alley (Harmony)
Thanks to the Bukchon Hanok conservation project that these
antique hanoks zone has perfectly preserved its originality.

Bukchon 6th Spot: Gahoe-dong Alley
The finest view of Seoul, Hanok houses contrast with high-rise buildings.
Bukchon 5th and 6th spots are the most popular among the eight views.

Stairs made of rock stone

We didn't complete the full 8 Photo Spots and no chance to search for Hanok House where "Personal Preference" was filmed, because these 2 kiddos were worse than old grannie! They remarked  Bukchon Hanok Village was the highest mountain that they ever climbed and they're out of breath!

Modernised two-story or three-story Hanok Houses.

Beautiful Hanok Houses along the maze-like alleys of Bukchon Village.
Ups! Why I have so many photos? I'm sure it's more than  scenic spots here :P

Don't miss it if you're in Seoul. If you miss it, you miss Seoul~! ^^

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