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Samcheongdong has Something for Everyone~!

[Seoul] Samcheongdong has Something for Everyone~! | by Meheartseoul
Samcheong [sam (삼 ) = three, and cheong (청) = clean or good] was given its name in reference to the three things that this area has plenty of: clean water, beautiful neighboring mountains and kind-hearted residents. According to the principles of feng-shui, Samcheong-dong is said to have the absolutely ideal location.

Samcheongdong did catch my eye and capture my heart on my first visit to Korea. The shuttle bus that we took to go to Samcheonggak (삼청각) for royal cuisine passed by this quaint and peaceful Samcheongdong Street.  

Though just a fast glance, but it's really charming to see they how they preserved Korean traditional beauty of hanok-style houses and modern architectural buildings respectful integrating themselves into this cultural street. There're so many unique shops and cafes stretching low and some sitting high along this street, but little did I know that there're plenty of galleries around here too.

Sadly that on our second trip to Korea, we strolled around Bukchon Hanok Village, but we didn't get a chance to visit Samcheongdong.

Therefore, glad that this time round I could get up close with this unique neighborhood~^^

We're here because my friend wanted to showcase Beautiful Method printed Art Canvas at 'Only Art & Cafe Gallery' in Samcheongdong branch.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Popular street of Samcheongdong is home to many artistic museums, 
chic galleries, restaurants, cafés, and accessory shops.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Kukje Gallery presenting solo exhibition of Julian Opie featuring 
his new works portraying the lifestyles of pedestrians in Seoul.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Homestead coffee or Little Prince (어린왕자)?

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Cute 'Le Petit Cafe' 

Tadaa... finally found Only Art & Cafe Gallery after searched the direction using mobile map and stretched my neck longer to match the photo. But... Alas!!! The door was closed and there's a notice stated... 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Step out for awhile 4:30 - 5:30 죄송합니다

Haiz... if we didn't go to MMCA, we should reached there in time. Ssawry~!!! We just peeped inside the gallery through the window. Only Gallery has their own cafe that allowing visitors to enjoy art, shopping, and lunch all under one roof.

A short walk from Only Gallery, my friend saw this humble traditional tea house offer teas like Sipjeondaebotang (traditional Korean medicinal tea with 10 different ingredients), Jujube tea, Citron tea, Ginger tea, Sikhe and Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽 = danpatjuk). 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
(Seoureseo Duljjaero Jalhaneunjip = The Second Best in Seoul). 
Unique name to remember though it's kinda long ㅎㅎ

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
hearty and nutritious Danpatjuk (sweet red-bean soup) is 
the most popular menu.

Hot and yummy quite filling danpatjuk really nice to beat the winter chill outside. No wonder it's full house even it's not after lunch or dinner time. We had to wait for few minutes to get our seats.

It's topped with glutinous rice cake, gingko nuts, chestnuts and cinnamon powder. I was curious and asked my friend what's the green color thing, and he told me it's gingko nut. So, I just ate it, and suddenly he said in kinda serious tone: "What if you die eating this green gingko nut?!" What?! So evil!!! Out of words... just rubbed my chest and continue to eat my sweet red bean soup. So touched to have this 'kind-hearted' friend! ㅋㅋㅋ

After finished our danpatjuk, we walked along Gamgodang-gil (감고당길) that connects between Samcheongdong and Insadong. It's a kind of education street with 3 girls schools with snack shops and stationery stores.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
chic hand-made/designers shops selling clothing and accessory
around Gamgodang-gil 

I'm very sure that I need at least half a day to go around Samcheong-dong and Gamgodang-gil. I like this district so much because it radiates serenity and comfort where you can't find in other places crowded with giant shopping malls.

Added that I might need to stop every 5-10 steps for taking photos. But not for this time round, took lesser photos, as I obediently follow and have to run to catch-up my friend's steps. He has long legs and walked very fast that I always left behind... he might lost me unknowingly!

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Pungmun Girls School was built on the historical site 
Andongbyeolgung (a detached palace), former residence of  
Queen Inhyeon and Empress Myeongseong of Joseon Dynasty. 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Deokseong Girls' Middle and High School are located on the west 
and east sides of this Stone Walls Road.

Inside Deokseong Girls' High School, there's the house of Seo Gwangbeom, who set fire to Andong Detached Palace and started the Gapsinjeongbyeon coup (4 December 1884).

Duksung Girls’ Middle School was the headquarters of the Cheondoism believers who planned the March 1st Movement (the Korean independence movement during the Japanese rule).

Interspersed benches placed along the stone walls near the girls schools with trees lining the streets offering a better view and inviting an idyllic stroll along this cultural hideaways

Whether you're there to patron shops, or to appreciate arts in the galleries, or simply reward yourself with a cup of tea in traditional teahouse, or to hang-out with your friends in cozy cafe, or romantic evening stroll around this chic and artsy atmosphere street. Samcheongdong has something for everyone~! ^^

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