Wednesday, 12 October 2016

[Lombok] - Gili Petelu & Gili Mangkok

It's our last day in Lombok, but we still planned to visit few attractions before going back to Singapore.

Gili Petelu.

Nice place for snorkeling to see colorful fish like in giant aquarium. But, don't catch them even if you find nemo or dory, because saltwater fish quite difficult to breed as they require very tiny live hood that must be cultured. The boatman found starfish and showed to us and released it back.

Btw, the water temperature was lower than other Gili islands. According to the boatman it's because of the salinity was higher than other places.

Boatman and our guide dived in and harvested quite amount of shells 
and seaweed.

Gili Mangkok.

 Big tunnel / cave.

Underwater cave?! Yes, you heard it correctly, the cave was connected to Tanjung Ringgit where the cannon located. 

 It said that Japanese built this cave to store the missiles, so inside
the tunnel might still have some remaining missiles inside... wow!
 We didn't see a lot of fish here, but housing to different types of corals. 

 You can find weird shapes coral that looks like human's brain. 
Some corals have fluorescent pigments and their colour 
depends on the light they're exposed to. 

These cabbage or rose (Foliose coral) and staghorn corals dominated there.

Swam back to the boat as we still have 3 places to go~!