Saturday, 12 September 2015

Korea Medical Tourism

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Today I wanna share Visit Medical Korea 'Find Your Real Beauty in Korea!' | Korea Medical Tourism

Actually I heard about Medical Tourism in Korea from Visit Korea in year 2013. Was thinking to bring my daughter to consult Pediatric Dermatology to treat her atopic eczema. I sent email to enquiry about the hospital, and they provided the necessary information of hospitals that we can get treatment for eczema. However, due to time-constraint, we didn't manage to go there. | Korea Medical Tourism

Though we visited Korea 3 times, but we only brought our children there once. It was on my birthday in 2013. This year, my hubby granted my birthday wish... Korea Trip for our family! Hooray!!! | Korea Medical Tourism
 Then somehow I noticed this special event from Visit Medical Korea
on the Facebook... | Korea Medical Tourism
You only need to Watch, Share and Solve the quiz to win the amazing prizes!

Wish I can win two round trip tickets to Korea, so we can pay treatment fees for our daughter! She has been suffering for 9 years. We'd brought her to see so many doctors, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), restricted her diet, applying medicines, lotion, essential oils,... and even now we're using Kangen water for her drinking and bathing.

But, her conditions still the same, sometimes better a bit, then without notice it suddenly flare-up! Some parts of her body even thicken and raw skin. 

It's very sad to see that her eczema condition not improving. Especially when she told me that she doesn't have a lot of friends. One of the main reason because some of her friends afraid to get close to her... afraid that they'll get infected. ㅠㅠ
I'm really thankful to her close friends that choose to be her friends. Great that she's also not really bothered by those like to bully her. Like her name... Cheerry! She is happy, cheerful and carefree girl!

I'm more interested to know more about this Medical Tourism after watched the short informative video clip above. I especially agree on the idea comprehensive wellness. Love that Korea Medical Tourism also offering program such as temple stay so that one can find their own peace and achieve healthy mind and soul on top of healthy body.

I'm very confident that Korea can provide solution for my daughter, as I think the doctors there  put her heart and soul to treat the patients... Somehow remember how 'Jang-geum', the first woman physician in Joseon treated the king in Korean Drama 'Jewel in the Palace' (대장금 / 大長今).

Do you ever heard about 'Donguibogam'?
It's encyclopedic medical books written in the early 17th century by Heo Jun (1539~1615), a royal physician, following an order by King Seonjo. The books cover not only Korean medical theories of that time, but also medical theories from all over East Asia. It took Heo 16 years to compile all the information. Donguibogam consists of a total of 25 volumes and 25 books and was printed by wooden printing types. Recognized as the highest quality of Oriental medicine books in Korea, the Donguibogam was introduced to China and Japan and is still widely referred to. | Korea Medical Tourism

Therefore, I don't have doubt with knowledge of medical theories,
incorporated with their advance medical technologies and high standard  
of medical excellence definitely will push the success rate higher.
  We also interested to have our annual health check-up in Korea after looking at this chart: | Korea Medical Tourism
The cost of comprehensive 38 examination tests is
surprisingly cheaper than having 16 tests done in Singapore. 


Though I didn't win anything from the above quiz event, but I still decided to bring my girl to see dermatologist at Gangnam Severance Hospital in Seoul. Will blog it soon~^^

Kind and caring Dr Kim Soo Chan and my daughter.

Currently, Visit Medical Korea is recruiting VMK supporters! Do check this link and join it, and you might win a FREE round trip to Korea + a free medical tour package (ex: Korean traditional medicine, skin care, etc.). WOW!!! So, what are you waiting?!  Good luck to all~^^