Saturday, 28 February 2015

March 1st Movement at Tapgol Park

Oh dear~! Time flies!!! Actually I decided to complete my last year trip before Chinese New Year. Now I'd to skip posting about Unhyeongung and other places we visited on 28 February 2014. It's because I suddenly saw my Korean friend's posting Korean Toast in Cafe with Taegukgi at the background. Then I just remember that February has only 28 days! So, tomorrow is March 1st Movement in Korea.

Last year, exactly this date, we saw Korean flags (태극기 = Taegeukgi) were raised everywhere on our way from Nambu Bus Terminal to Center Mark Hotel.

We called 1330 through Skype to clear of our curiosity.The officer told us that it's because Korean Independence Day! So, I checked with her whether any places that we can attend the ceremony. She then checked and told us Seodaemun and...? I quickly said thank you as the taxi driver couldn't find Center Mark Hotel and my hubby didn't understand what he's saying...

That night when we went to Myeongdong, we saw KTO counter and went there to get more information. Since it's one day ceremony, we stick to our itinerary to go to Suwon in the morning then visit Seodaemun after that.

Coincidentally, we walked passed Tapgol Park on our way from Unhyeongung Palace. This park is another important spot, as it witnessed a great historical value and national spirit of Independence Protest on March 1, 1919. (Vera Lee)
The banner stated something related to March 1st Movement.
The event should be started at 14:00 pm. (Vera Lee)
 Tapgol Park is historically important as the site of the origin of the March 1st Movement 1919, 
an important part of the Korean independence movement as the first location for the 
reading of the Proclamation of Independence. There are a number of bas-relief statues 
representing Korean patriots, the Proclamation of Independence Monument, 
and a poem by Han Yong-un. (Vera Lee)
 This park was once a site of Wongaksa (Buddhist Temple). The word tap means "pagoda", 
and the park gets its name from the Wongaksa Pagoda, a 10 storied stone pagoda 
(National Treasure No.2) located in the park. (Vera Lee)
Add: 99, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seou, Korea
서울특별시 종로구 종로 99 (종로2가)
Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (Subway Line 1, 3, 5), (Vera Lee)
 "Viva, Independent Korea~!"

It's 8:25pm... hopefully I can post Seodaemun Independence Gate by tonight, as tomorrow we'll going to Johor Bahru early in the morning and will be back late in the evening.

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