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[Jeonju] - Gyeonggijeon Main Hall (경기전 정전)

Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 - a must visit Cultural Site Attraction in Jeonju| by Meheartseoul
Though didn't manage to submit full story of Gyeonggijeon in webtoon for 'Korea, My Love' event.  I'll continue to compile the photos in cartoon version for this posting even it took longer time for me to edit them... Hope you like and enjoy it~^^

Do you know that every last Wednesday of the month is designated as It's Cultural day in Korea? People can have free or discounted admissions to palaces, museums, national theaters, and participated private cultural institutions or galleries. 

Coincidentally, we visited this Historical Site no. 339, Gyeonggijeon Shrine on Cultural Day. Besides free admission, we also enjoyed awesome free English guided tour which I want to share here...

Do take note that you need to gather in front of Hongsalmun at 11:00 am to join that free English tour. 

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
Gyeonggijeon means palace built on auspicious ground. 
It's built in 1410 (10th year of Taejong) to enshrine the royal portrait of 
his father King Taejo (the founder of Joseon Dynasty). 

The guide explained to us why there is  red gate with no door standing there. We followed here as she's walking through this gate. Then, she congratulated and praised us that we all manage to pass through this gate! ㅎㅎ

Then, we stopped again under this tree and listen to interesting things about this 'naked tree' ...

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
Baerong Tree: "Please stop tickling me~!"

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
'Road of God (신도)'
According to oriental concept... the sun rise in the East,  and set in 
the West, you should go in from the right and come out from left side. 

We're blocked by this small red fence, and the guide asked us to turn right to go inside after explaining the reason behind it. We didn't guess correctly when she asked to guess what were the two ornaments on the middle of the roof. Do you want to make a guess? No... no, not coffee beans! They're tortoises~! 

This main hall is where the portrait of King Taejo enshrined. This place has hidden cultural code the power of chief gatekeeper might have been great. The carpenter put these two tortoises on the roof for its eternity. It's believed that they prevented this wooden building safe from burnt down during Japanese invasion.

Another hidden code is at the main entrance of Gyeonggijeon on the roadside. On the 'Hamabi' tortoise monument, it's written '至此皆下馬雜人毋得入' meaning: 'Anyone who arrives here should dismount from their horse disregard of their classes and social position, and outsiders are forbidden from entering'.

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
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In front of King Taejo's portrait, we're asked to count the claws on the king's robe (곤룡포 = Gollyongpo). The guide told us that you can know the position from their robes. Five-clawed dragon (오조룡보 ohjoeryongbo) emblem is for the King, the Crown Prince has four-clawed dragon (사조룡보 sajoeryongbo), while three-clawed dragon (삼조룡보 samjoeryongbo) for the eldest son of the Crown Prince. 

Walking from main hall to Jeonju Sago, we passed this beautiful bamboo garden and Maehwa tree...

Gyeonggjeon featured in movie 'Masquerade', 'My Way', and drama 'Painter of the Wind'.

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
"Masquerade" filming location.

This movie is an interpretation of the missing 15 days in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty during Gwanghae's reign—designated by his 1616 journal entry, "One must not record that which he wishes to hide."

It's also major filming site of “Love in the Moonlight,” This lush bamboo grove inside the grounds of the shrine appeared in the first episode of the drama, when Ra-on entered the palace as a eunuch, meets the Crown Prince during her attempt to run away.

Must Visit in Jeonju: Gyeonggijeon Main Hall 경기전 정전 |
'Precious' Maehwa (매화나무) and
Four Gentlemen Plants (사군자)...

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