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Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel (전주한옥빌리지호텔)

Accommodation: Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel (전주한옥빌리지호텔) | by Meheartseoul
We traveled 3 hours from Busan to Suncheon, then waited for about 30 minutes to transfer to normal train. It took another 1 hour from Suncheon to Jeonju. In total we spent 4 hours on railroad. Actually, we just want to experience S-train. ^^ 

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Simple yet pleasant looking Jeonju Station...

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Gallery with giwa roof outside the station.

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Gallery exhibiting cultural heritage and arts of Jeonju city.

From the station, we took taxi to hotel, but the driver dropped us at wrong place. We walked around but couldn't find the hotel. We asked few people and we ended up walked here and there, as they gave different directions. Luckily, another man asked us to follow him after he called the hotel. And he walked us to Pungnammun and pointed to us the direction to our hotel. Thank you kind Ahjusshi. ^^

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |

Finally, we arrived at the hotel after wandering for half and hour around Joongang Elementary School. The hotel is actually situated in the heart of the city. Pungnam Mun, Gyeonggijeon, Jeongdong Church and other attraction sites are just about 5 to 10 minutes walk away. 

In Jeonju Hanok Village, of course you'll want to stay in Hanok and experience Han-style. In our previous trip, we stayed in 300 years Hanok house in Seongyojang, but that time was autumn so it's just normal without ondol floor. 

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Partial painting of famous Scenery of Dano Day outside the hotel.

When I browsed the rooms, I found this stylish yet with traditional Han-style hotel with attached bathroom, and some familiar paintings of famous painters Shin Yun-Bok (Hye-Won) and Kim Hong-Do (Danwon) of Joseon Dynasty. 

Hahaha... yup, you're right! I watched Painter of the Wind (바람의 화원).  So, I decided to stay here for 2 nights. ^^

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Shin Yun-Bok's paintings.
Top - Dance with two swords (쌍검대무).
Bottom - Pillars of the Tavern (주사거배).

Cool! I stood and looked at the door for awhile... and somehow it's like rewinding drama scenes of these two paintings in my head. Do you still remember? Danwon painted Ssireum (씨름) for 'Fight' topic, and People at the Tavern (주막) for 'Tavern' topic. 

Cozy room with simple wooden furniture, mattress, flat-screen television, mini fridge in good-size room. Mattress, pillows and blanket were nicely fold and keep at the corner of the room. 

They're using durable Korean Hanji paper for walls and windows, and loess (황토) for the floor. Loesspension, where we stayed in Punggi also using loess, as it's effectively keeping the room cold in summer and warm in winter. 

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
 Mattress with natural cotton padding for bedclothes.

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Korean music instruments Gayageum and Drum hanging
at the receptionist counter.

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Korean style paintings 

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
 Korean natural dyed curtain.

You can access to Sky Garden (하늘정원) at 3rd floor. You you can sit and relax at this wooden terrace with outdoor bench, and...

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
enjoying the view of Jeonju city with the background of
Pungnammun and Jeongdong Church...

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel 전주한옥빌리지호텔 |
Painting on the wall showing Korean people wearing hanbok 
and gat (hat) happily gathering and enjoying food.

Excellent service rendered by friendly woman receptionist during our stay. Their system didn't captured my reservation as no payment made for room rate of 70,000 Won per day.

She asked me which room we want, but I forgot the name of the room witYun-Bok's paintings. She didn't know which room, she opened almost all the vacant rooms from third floor to first floor for us to see. Finally we found it at first floor...추억 room.  

She also helped us to call and wait for the taxi when we check-out early in the morning. Thank you and sorry for the trouble...

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