Friday, 11 July 2014

12 hours in Busan

Our initial itinerary was from Yeongju -> Andong -> Geongju -> Masan (S-Train). I arranged that we can stop at Busan again to meet Oppa and his family. On our first trip here, we only spent  because we only spent 1 day and it's really not enough to explore this second largest city in Korea.

So sad that we're unable to meet Oppa and his family this time round due to unexpected additional visit to Buseoksa Temple in Yeongju.

From Busan bus terminal to hotel in Haeundae area took about half hour by taxi. By the time we reahed hotel was around 9:00 pm. S-train from Busan to Suncheon will leave at 9:19 am the next morning. Yes, we only have 12 hours in Busan! ㅠㅠ

We were so hungry, so after checked in the hotel, we quickly went for food hunting...

Lively Haeundae area even in cold weather at night!

We didn't bring map, just try our luck to see what we can have around the hotel. We walked around and saw a line of round signboards and a lot of people walking around that area. Then, we walked towards and crossed the road to take a closer look. According to Visit Korea website, this traditional market open from 09:00 am  to 22:00 pm. No wonder it's still busy as most of the stalls still open. 

It's Haeundae Market (부산 해운대시장).
부산광역시 해운대구 구남로41번길 22-1

According to Visit Korea website, Haeundae traditional market open from 09:00 am  to 22:00 pm. It explained why it's still busy at that hour.

and pojangmacha stalls gathered most of the crowds...

Pojangmacha (포장마차) 

We also wanted to have a quick bite rather than full meal. Especially when you see so many people standing to eat hot odeng that seemed so delicious really tempted us a lot. We quickly joined the crowds when we saw this pochangmacha have variety of popular street foods! They have yummy tteokbokki (떡볶이), twigim (튀김), mini gimbap (꼬마 김밥),  sundae (순대), odeng (오뎅),  soju (소주), makgeolli (막걸리), maekju (맥주), eumryosu (음료수). 

On top of those serve on the cart, you can also order ramyeon (라면), dalkbal (닭발), dalgttongjib (닭똥집), buchimgae (부침개), rabokki (라볶이), mikkulaji twigim (미꾸라지튀김),... 

We ordered pajeon, tteokbokki, twigim, mini gimbap and odeng.

After had our 'supper' we went back to hotel as we're so tired. We need to wake up early the next morning to go to Busan station.

Haeundae For U Hotel
Add: 636-3 ,Woodong, Haeundae-gu, Busan

This hotel is actually (love) hotel too. Well, this was not our first time staying in love motel. Haeundae area has a lot of love motels. We stayed in Wa Motel on our previous trip. We booked through Agoda too this time round. 

The room has simple interior, not as fancy as Wa Motel. Bathroom with bathtub and bidet toilet. Most importantly is the room is clean and without smokey smell.

Oh yeah, they also give the toiletries pouch that consists of toothbrush, razor, bubble bath, After Shave Skin, Woman Cleanser, After Shave lotion, Moisture Toner, Moisture Emulsion. I think they got from the same supplier, as the items were exactly the same. The only different was the hotel name :P

The room charge was around SGD 75.00, it's about the same price as Wa Motel. They provide free can drinks in the fridge, but Haeundae hotel didn't provide breakfast. You can have free coffee from the coffee machine at the lobby area.

Haeundae hotel is about 10 minutes stroll to the beach and subway. These love motels usually scattered around tourist areas and bus terminals that can cut down travelling time to the attraction spots. 

In my opinion, love motel is good option if you're looking for inexpensive and enjoy full facility of hotel accommodation. 

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