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(Love) Motel in Korea

[Korea - Love Motel in Busan | by Meheartseoul WA Motel, Busan

This is my first time in my life staying in (love) motel!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the tour that we booked earlier was cancelled. So I have to search for accommodations in Korea.

You can book through Agoda, and they have special discount for DBS/POSB credit Card.

At first I wonder why it's so cheap for 3 stars rated hotel.. then I read the reviews and got some idea about this hotel. Though it's labelled as "Love Motel" but the reviews quite good. I don't think you can find such a nice hotel in Singapore with that price. A small boutique hotel might cost double of this love motel which only cost SGD 70.00/ night


WOW!!! compared to the hotel we stayed in Jeju, this motel is even better!

Walking distance from metro station (about 5- 10 minutes walk) and nearby famous Haeundae Beach. There are few similar motels around that area too.

I guess these are some common things of love motels (accuracy not more than 50% :P). Please correct me if any of the information here is wrong...

1.  Enter through parking lot, which have something like "curtain" hanging from top and left about
     1/3 not covered for privacy for those drive-in customers?

2. The receptionist desk also have partition screen covered and only have a small hole for payment
    and get the key.
    Sorry that I didn't aware of it, I just bend my head, look and talk to the receptionist... LOL
    (top left of the photo).

3. Nicely design room with different themes and modern facilities included in the room such as:
    2 PCs with Wi-Fi connected to wide screen TV, microwave, water dispenser and can drinks in
    mini fridge, snacks, toiletries.

[Busan] Love Motel Accomodation |
Wa Motel interior
The room so spacious. Bathroom with Jacuzzi bath tub and shower head. I found something quite interesting... All hotel or motel that we stayed provide lotion, after shaved and toner for men (but not for female). Anyone can tell me why is it so? I really wonder why? Is it because female customers normally carry their own? or they just want to promote the cosmetics products to male customers?

Here are comparison of Wa Motel with 3 star (consider quite big) hotel which I stayed in Jeju.

* Wa Motel is spacious with modern luxury settings. Hotel in Jeju just a simple room with outdated

* Clean room and bathroom... they even wrapped the toilet bowl with a paper stating... it's clean for
   your hygiene use. So scary when a saw a ton of hairs on the toilet bowl in the hotel in Jeju....

* Free toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower cap, and something unusual also included inside
   the pouch (guess what was it?!). You need to pay for toothbrush and toothpaste with the stated price
   if you want to use them for hotel in Jeju.

* I didn't know that can drinks and snacks are free of charge too... normally most hotel will charge if
   you consumed... You only need to leave the key and they didn't check your room.

Wa motel served  sandwiches and orange juices for breakfast. They even asked what time we prefer the breakfast to be delivered to our room. Really good service!

We stayed on another love motel in Seoul too... I forgot the hotel name, we supposed to stayed with my Korean family... but we didn't want to disturb them as they have kids that need to go to school and it's not so nice that we came back late.

We just walked-in to one of the love motel... and luckily the receptionist understand a bit of English. He tried to explained to us that the hotel charged hourly rate.

Sigh, we should just pay few hours rate instead of 2 nights stay... as we didn't understand until we had made the payment and he said that we need to check out tomorrow and check in again for the same room. Haaiiizzz... should request to change to another room for different atmosphere :P

[Busan] Love Motel Accomodation |

We stayed in the above room, which have pink rosy wall paper and a big round mirror on the ceiling. It's quite hi-tech, that the air-con remote is not using the original remote control... We thought that air-con was spoilt and called the receptionist to fix for us. Actually, it's centralised all in one remote for lights, curtains and aircon...

Aigoo, so embarrassing... the guy smiled after he explained how to operate them. I had to nod my head with an awkward smile and said: "네,알겠습니다... 감사합니다~ (Yes, I got it now... Thank you). Maybe he was thinking OMG, where the earth are these customers from? why so stupid?

Very good customer service. They draw us a map for us to wait for airport bus...  They even asked what time to serve the breakfast for us (sandwich with orange juice).

Personally, I think love motel is worth the price (around SGD70- $80). But might not suitable if you travel with children or female single traveller.

You can check these site for more types of accommodation (Budget, Hanok, Apartment, and luxury hotel) in Korea:
1. Visit Korea
2. BnBHero

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Upss... this is a long page, I think will write on Minbak (Bed & Breakfast) next round ^^

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