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Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복)

Bettl Hanbok 베틀한복 - Travel Back in Time | by Meheartseoul
Hanbok~ Hanbok ya... here I come! As you know, I really love Hanbok, so I'd planned to travel around Korea in Hanbok! Seriously? Yeah, although sounded a bit crazy, but I just couldn't resist the charm of this beautiful Korean traditional dress. So much in love with it! Back in Joseon era, Hanbok was everyday wear of Korean people. So, there's no reason to stop me for doing so, right?!

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio | 
Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복).

The problem was it's hard to find a shop that allowed me to rent for so long, mostly for 1 day or maximum 3 days. Though 3 days sounded better than 1 day, but we're traveling around and not stationed in Seoul, so unable to return it on the third day.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
 One of the sponsors for K-drama Orange Marmalade.

Frankly speaking, I didn't put much hope when I left a message on Bettl Hanbok's Instagram because
some of the Hanbok shops not even replying my emails. Rental fee from wedding photo studio was too expensive beyond my budget.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
Bettle Hanbok Gangnam branch.

Glad to find out that Bettl Hanbok do renting out their branded Hanbok. They also have Hanbok designers to tailor-made Hanbok for special occasions such as wedding, pre-wedding photoshoot, Chuseok or other anniversaries.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
I got hard time to choose as they have a lot of beautiful hanbok.

Bettl Hanbok's staff, Sim Ju Yeon (심주연) was very accommodating. She assisted me to select the Hanbok from their instagram and website. However, some of the designs I like were not for renting. Actually the baby blue jeogori and midnight blue chima material seems quite unique and simple which made it outstanding. However Ms Sim suggested to select other as the material was too thin and not suitable to wear in cold winter. 

We finally finalized the Hanbok 4 days before the collection date. She asked for my height and weight so that they could alter to fit me.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |  Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
 Finally decided to get purple jeogori (jacket) to combine with the
greenish yellow chima (skirt). Aren't they perfect combination?
Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |  Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
Hanbok's veils (쓰개치마 =  sseugaechima).
(The above Hanbok photos source: Bettl Hanbok).

Actually I wanted to rent 쓰개치마  to cover my head and conceal some part of my face because nobody will help me to do make-up and hair-do. I really don't know how to do proper make-up. Maybe I could used it as a jacket or additional layer on top of my hanbok to make myself warmer in winter days. But because the rental fee was half the price of renting the whole Hanbok set, so at the end I didn't rent it.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
A lot of photos of people wearing beautiful
Bettl Hanbok on this long walkway.
Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |

Oriental items displayed at the waiting area.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio | Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
 One of the staff guided us to this room with full of
rolls of colorful fabrics and ready-made Hanbok.

Wow!!! For your information, I'm not the person who like to do fitting when buying clothes. Therefore, I normally shop online. But, I've the urge to try all the hanbok when I entered that room!!! 

Actually, we didn't need to come to this room as we only need to collect my selected Hanbok. But, because I told the staff that I wanted to rent Hanbok, she brought us there to select the Hanbok.

I showed her that I'd selected the Hanbok and my conversation on Kakao Talk  that I'd arranged to collect it from Ms Sim on that day. Then she asked us to wait and she went out to look for Ms Sim. Ah... my mistake as I said I wanted to rent instead of to collect Hanbok. Sorry for not conversed it clearly. Anyway, it's nice to see so many Hanbok although just for few minutes. 

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
Hanbok waiting to be collected on that day.

Experience Traditional Korean costume is one of the popular things to do for tourists when they are visiting Korea. I can say it's a trend as you can see locals and tourists strolling around the palaces and Hanok Villages in Hanbok.

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
 Complete set of Hanbok + inner petticoat (속차마) + tutu skirt + chingnon hair wig.

Ms Sim greeted us when she entered the room, she asked us to follow her to get the Hanbok. She showed me the Hanbok inside the cloth protective bag. She went in to another room and came out with petticoat and additional balloonist inner tutu skirt to add volume to the skirt (차마).

Not only that, she's so nice to showed me some of hair accessories that suitable for me. Actually she'd told me that she can lend me 배씨댕기 and 아얌 for free when I decided not to rent sseugaechima. But 배씨댕기 is more suitable for young girl (agassi). Thought, she said that 아얌 is for all age, but I think for ajumma like me it's better to have chingnon hair wig with binyeo (비녀).

Bettl Hanbok (베틀한복) studio |
She asked me to check the Hanbok to confirm it's the set I chose. 
Then I asked her to teach me how to tie the ribbon (goreum) on the Hanbok.
Bettl Hanbok 베틀한복 |
Wanna change into this Hanbok immediately...

But it's not suitable for that day as we'd an appointment at Gangnam Severence Hospital later, and after that going to Kidzania. Actually, we're a bit late for appointment, therefore we quickly settled the payment and took the taxi there.

Thank you Ms Sim for your patience and excellent service. Million thanks for sponsoring me with special discount  which I could fulfilled my wish to travel in Hanbok. I love you so much~!^^

Bettl Hanbok 베틀한복 |

241-1 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, 
Paragon Building 1st floor, Seoul. 
HP: 010-9639-7311 
Tel: 02-548-7311

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